Whats for Lunch?

The whole team’s still working hard on finishing up the illusion sets needed for the Volvo gig at Kulai. We’ll be making our way up on Thursday to prep for the technical set-up, rehearsals & client preview on Friday & finally the actual show early next week. It’s crazy times really, just when you think we ought to be getting our well-deserved break after working our butts off for Saturday’s Mega Illusion in town! We left the studio real late yesterday, another 14 hour work day! *yawns*

By the way, here’s the photo of the day (actually, technically yesterday)… 🙂 No prizes for guessing who this crazy hat in a scary gas mask, wielding a spinning power saw is!!! *very amused guffaw*

Oh… I am… so scared… *yawn*

It’s insane moments like these that inspire me to pick up a video camera and make a quirky short film again. The last serious project I was a part of, years ago (shot on 16mm film) was a 15 min project, which was screened in international film festivals overseas in Beijing & Poland. I quite miss that experience putting together a short film…:)

Anyways! I just got hold of a couple of really cool magic stuff the other day and I’m really enjoying them. Alakazam Magic’s latest offering, Ascension by Nick Langham is a comprehensive DVD, which also comes with everything you need to perform with.

Ascension is a contemporary revisit of the classic card rising effect made even cooler. Your spectator chooses a card (any card out of a regular deck of 52) from their separate pack of cards. It is a very fair choice. Suddenly, there’s movement in your own card deck. Slowly & eerily, a single solitary card begins to emerge, forcing its way out of the box as if by an invisible hand, gradually into view. As the face of this card is finally revealed, everyone can clearly see that it is the very same exact card that was chosen and thought of! It is totally self-contained and self-working, so if you think that you’re an idiot with sleight of hand, you’d appreciate that you just need to concentrate on your presentation working for this close-up/ parlor magic effect. There’s an instant reset too! 🙂

Oh, I was quite amused when I received… CANNABIS in the mail! Yup! It got pass easily at the Singapore customs and checkpoint with no questions asked  & no… I didn’t have the authorities breaking down my door *wry grin* All right, I’m not referring to the drug obviously, but to Daniel Young & Lee Hathaway’s new C.A.N.N.A.B.I.S effect – which really stands for "Card At Named Number Amongst Blanks Is Selected” *grin*

Any card at any number, has long been the Holy Grail of magicians but this effect takes it to an entirely new level. The only card in the entire deck with a printed back and face is their thought of a card and their thought of a number.

It’s surprisingly easy to do, thanks to the original ingenious method, with a quick re-set version included for working situations. Performed properly, it’s guaranteed to be a reputation maker so it’s something to really check out. See the video demo on our main catalog to check out the CANNABIS EFFECT!

Oh yeah, and just in case you’re wondering what the Concept:Magic team had for lunch today, you know… to make sure we all stay all trim & fit & slim & beautiful & everything…

Yes, we had HEALTHY rations of white bread and sardines in a can!!!

What nourishes you, destroys you, right? …or so says my favorite American UN Ambassador. *wry grin*

  Right, so only the boss (read: Mr. GYM FREAK) looks completely happy with his uber healthy meal, while the rest of us (like Shaun) are pulling sad little pathetic faces at our miserable rations of sardines in a tin can.

Shawn saw what was for lunch and immediately made a grab for the last bag of chocolate chip soft baked cookies in our pantry, that selfish bast*rd! I would have wrestled him to the ground for it if Shawn wasn’t a trained Brazilian Jujitsu fighter. 😦

But it was surprisingly yummy though; I’m not sure where J C bought them from but this one’s soaked in healthy olive oil! No thick spicy-ketchup sauce that sardines usually come in.

The day before, Shaun brought a generous tin of imported goose liver, so we had a yummy pate spread with bread for lunch too… so high class, hor? *wry grin* Too bad we had no pickles! LOL. Hmmm, something’s telling me I’m going to be hungry in a short while though. *tummy rumble* Oops…


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