Seventeen Magazine interviews Magic Babe!


The team’s still recuperating after Saturday evening’s grand Mega Illusion and there’s just so much to do and so little time! We’ll be heading up to Kulai, JB again in just a bit for our customized illusion show for Volvo, which sees us magically appear their new professional construction vehicles. If you’ve been reading my previous posts, you’d noticed the picture of me & J C standing next to it. The wheel’s as tall as me and I stand at 1.7m!

Anyways, Mr. Boss has been very happy with my PR prowess because of all the fantastic media coverage and publicity we’re getting for the Impossible Teleportation *big grin* While it is a ST event, they don’t cross promote because of ‘journalistic integrity’ so we really had to approach the different media ourselves… truly, it is no easy task!

See Singapore Magic Circle for the on-going thread discussing it at  We’ve been featured on Channel News Asia, AsiaOne, Channel 5 News, Yahoo News, and many other international news websites & blogs too! It’s really awesome how many different syndicates and networks have picked up our story… In fact, there’s a discussion about our Impossible Teleportation going on at STOMP right now & it’s already a healthy 5 pages long *grin* It’s not bad considering the fact our Mega Illusion is just 3 days old! People are genuinely interested in it! *grin*

It was a busy day at work today & yours truly had a photoshoot in the studio again today too… This time it’s with Seventeen Magazine for their October issue! Do look out for it when it hits the news stands late next month! *grin* I really appreciate your kind support!

It was quite a fun process & it was much quicker than the photoshoot I did for Simply Her (initially slated for September but now confirmed for October) because that was for a 3 page interview. Seventeen Magazine’s is only a full page write-up about a day in the life of Magic Babe! 🙂 Do grab both magazines this October if you can!

I think I may just decide to really celebrate my birthday this year & throw a big party bash… I haven’t got concrete plans or themes to work with yet but I’ll definitely make a post here if/when I’ve decided what to do!

Right now, I’m in the middle of watching The System by Dan & Dave Buck… That’s right, the highly anticipated Special Collectors Edition DVD is now available at Magic Boutique so quick, grab your copy today!

Everything on the System totally ROCKS!!! The DVD is extremely well produced (love those thoughtful multi-angled shots) and the content in it is really solid stuff (no unoriginal fluff!) that would certainly inspire *grin*

The System is well worth a check out, really… And if you aren’t already aware, the talented Buck twins also have a book called Sleightly Magical which is a great investment (honestly, it really isn’t all that expensive) & of course, Trilogy, their brand new 3 volume DVD which was recently released and has garnered many rave reviews from magicians internationally.

If you aren’t aware, Trilogy was actually given away in our last promotion… that’s right, one very lucky customer (Chin Kun Ning) got to take this brand new 3 volume DVD set home FREE because well, what can I say… we at Magic Boutique, are very nice people! LOL…

Reviews for that and more, will up on Magic Boutique REAL soon! 🙂


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