YES – WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a brilliant success & many photographers, videographers, reporters & journalists came to witness us doing this first-ever Mega Illusion – the “Impossible Teleportation” which saw J C really vanish from street level, surrounded by almost 10,000 people and reappear 50 floors above before a ring of LIVE witnesses & a camera crew!

OUBC was the secret venue where this all happened… we weren’t allowed to say it then but we can mention it now since the event’s over *grin* It was amazing because SPH anticipated only 5,000 people coming but in fact, over 9,000 people turned up for the event held in the heart of the CBD area.

AsiaOne sent a video team down to film the Mega Illusion so yes, what you see in the first picture is the actual launch pad teleportation platform at street level. You can clearly see there’s nothing below it too *wink* I’ve had a lot of people asking me so for the zillionth time… NO! J C does not have a twin! 🙂

So that’s Channel News Asia interviewing J C after the event was over. It was fantastic that my PR efforts paid off because it isn’t easy convincing Mediacorp to cover something their rival media company is doing! *wry grin* But all’s good because the reporting team left at 8.30pm and at 9pm, we were already on the news! There were subsequence slots and the clip was a good 2 minutes long!

This is my favorite photo really. Just as J C was doing his interview with Channel News Asia (camera rolling!), this cute little girl ran up to J C and tugged on the sleeve of his shirt & asked him for an autograph. It was such an endearing moment really *grin* The camera crew was probably quite bemused by J C’s little groupie. LOL!

 So you may think everything went smoothly without a hitch, and that all was good and easy… Well. Think again. :/

I only had my first meal close to midnight and was practically running on empty! It kind of felt like an episode of 24 to me, where I was like a La Femme Nikita version of Jack Bauer. No kidding! 

We all reached home in the wee hours of the morning after our technical rehearsal and set-up so we had to make sure we’d cram in a few decent hours of sleep (especially J C & yours truly, because we’d both be directly on LIVE camera). I guess I finally nodded off close to 5.30am after reaching home an hour earlier but had a restless sleep, you know… the kind you have just before an important exam or a special day?

My phone suddenly rang at 10am, which was strange because call time was only in the afternoon. Pulling off my cozy comforter and reaching out for my mobile phone, which was still wedged in my Levi’s pocket, I quickly recognized that it was a call from one of the event guys. At this time? Not good. It was then that I realized God was brewing a storm outside. The sky was completely grey and the rain was just pelting down. Uh-oh.

“Hey! Ning? You awake?” Gerard barked on the other end of the phone.

“Uh, yeah?” I croaked in my (what I hope) sexy morning-just-woke-up voice.

“I got bad news for you!” came Gerard’s uneasy voice. “Really, really, really bad news…”

My heart skipped a beat. What the…? Thoughts ran through my half awake brain. Oh no…

“Something happened?” I ventured as I kicked myself to sit up in bed, trying not to chew off my fingernails. “What?”

“Your platform on the 12 X 12…” Gerard’s voice sounded painfully strained. “It flew off the stage and broke…”

I couldn’t help it but I swore out loud in the way only all-girls school girls could. “But how?!”

“The winds were really strong and blew it right off. It’s now lying on its side and it’s damaged-“

I think if I wasn’t already sitting down, I’d have to. I quickly asked him for details and knew it was useless to pull the platform over to shelter because it was just too heavy for one guy – it took 4 strong guys to lift it onto the platform last night and the frikkin’ wind just blew it right off and it crashed. Whatever Gerard was telling me was just painting a worse picture by the second.

“Okay, thanks man, I’m rushing over now!” I got off the phone and quickly dialed J C as I reached over to pull on some clothes. The phone buzzed for just a while before a groggy sounding man answered the call. After 10 seconds, the groggy sounding man became super awake and told me he’d be there in minutes.

I contacted Shawn & Will too about this tragedy we had to fix immediately – with the few precious hours we had left. I managed to call for a cab and we raced down to OUBC in the pelting rain. The roads were jammed up and I gave up waiting so I paid the driver and ran a good 400m in the heavy downpour to get to our teleportation launchpad.

J C was already there, salvaging our poor broken platform with Gerard. Both guys were completely soaked (I was gradually getting there) and dammit, the winds were strong!!! So there we are, totally unglamorously doing crisis management in the cold, chilly rain. At least I had my trucker cap on because I never owned an umbrella.


The guys had managed to flip the entire platform (covered by the black canvas) right back up but the strong impact had totally destroyed two of the doors, because it landed on an awkward angle. All this had to be fixed ASAP!

Shawn & Will weren’t there at the scene yet so J C had them meet us back at the studio where we all spent the next few hours feverishly rebuilding the doors because the damaged ones were beyond repair. So much for Murphy’s Law!!! *wry grin* LOL…

Just so you know how serious the “wind damage” was, here’s a picture of one of the damaged doors… in fact, this is the one that was the better of the two. The other one we didn’t even bother bringing back because it was all twisted metal 😦

The newly done ones are stacked on the side, and we managed to build these new doors in about 3 hours. They never taught us MGS girls how to handle heavy machinery so now, yeah, I do feel a tad empowered… I can tell the difference between various tools and I know how to use a power saw & drill *grin* But someone should seriously tell those safety goggles makers to make their eyewear a tad more fashionable!


LOL… Every time I see this picture of a tired Shawn trying to salvage the broken door, I remember that feeling of pure “sian-ness” (weariness) because it’s just sheer bad-luck that it happened, but then again, the worst thing that could have gone wrong has already happened…

So what else is there left to be afraid of, right? 🙂 Always think positive!!!

Anyways, you know the rest of the story. The actual Mega Illusion went very well, though it was a bit stressful for me because I was leading the team on the roof & had to make sure everything went perfect. There can be no screw-ups! The only thing that was a tad fuzzy was the satellite problem, I had problems hearing what was going on downstairs because the connection wasn’t crystal clear but still, all went well… phew!

You’d think that after the event we could all wrap up, but there was still work to do *wry grin* We said our round of THANK YOUs before rushing back to the rooftop of OUBC to do our filming. Filming for what, you may wonder…

Well. Come this Sunday, Oct 21, we’ll be doing our new Triple Acts (XXX) 2007 theatre show at Alliance Francaise. This evening performance features classy magic (Shawn: The Complete Magician), exciting escapes (“Iron Will” Houdini) & sexy illusions (yours truly)!

Keep watch on Magic Boutique this September for more details. Our trailer will be up on all SPHMBO screens islandwide shortly too! So yes, here’s a bit of a sneak peek!

So that’s the 3 of us (Shawn, yours truly & Will) on the rooftop of one of Singapore’s tallest skyscrapers, acting all cool and everything… LOL. I was teasing Shawn because he looked so out of place there, standing next to me & Will (in our kick-ass black leather/ PVC outfits), wearing his spiffy red tie and smart dark suit.

This theatre show will be produced by Mr. Boss himself of course… we can now call him South East Asia’s only celebrity Mega Illusionist *grin* J C was directing the shots as we just did our thing… clowning around during breaks of course, it’s been a very tiring day for all of us!

That’s the 3 of us doing a wacky “Whose Line is it Anyway?” gag with Will playing the punk rocker/ possessive ex-boyfriend & Shawn as the English softie who was trying to hook up with me in a bar, and yours truly… who isn’t actually interested in any of them because I’m a lesbian. Wuahahahahaha!

The silly little things we do just to entertain ourselves… I really enjoyed that Drew Carrey show anyway. It was really intelligent and entertaining, like how good TV should be!

Anyways, that’s Will doing his totally emo “You want a piece of me?” thing, while Shawn is secretly palming a deadly 007 weapon in his right hand.

As for the bored girl in the middle, well, she’s actually checking out the other pretty chicks on the dance floor and waiting for the 2 guys to wipe each other out. *guffaw*

Kudos to Adeline for taking these pictures… LOL. I bet she was highly amused!!!

That’s Adeline & I on the roof taking a break during the filming of the new trailer… both of us look mega tired with mega eyebags because we’d been working so hard!!!

 Ade’s really my angel. Having been running on empty since my rude wake up call about the platform collapsing this morning, I haven’t had anything to eat or drink and would have most likely fainted if she hadn’t run down to get me a snack before the Mega Illusion started! Thank goodness for reliable friends!

Will just got his long hair cut and now sports a pretty funky Mohawk, which really suits his punk rocker escape artist image. The wind’s pretty strong on the roof so my hair was a total mess, but that’s us anyway. He did his “bad boy” impersonation very well but I was way too tired so all I could manage was a half decent “Ally McBeal”!

I guess it was almost midnight when we wrapped up, sending back all our equipment and props back to the studio then heading to East Coast Lagoon for food. It was supper for most of the guys but it was my first real meal of the day. But really, by then, I was way past hungry. I just wanted to go home, shower and sleep till the afternoon sun hit me in the face. It’s been a tremendously eventful day, which I’ll never forget 🙂 Ever!!!


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