Eve of our Mega Illusion!

It’s been a long day for all of us, no qualms about that. Today was spent loading up all equipment and things from our studio to the event venue for tomorrow’s Impossible Teleportation. It’s awesome because our Mega Illusion is already getting a fair bit of hype, with even Channel News Asia showing very keen interest in covering it even though they’re from SPH’s rival company, MediaCorp!

Setting up the teleportation platform on the roof is tricky and the building management actually got us clearance for the roof access but there were a couple of lame-o people who tried to boss their way to the roof even though they had no right to do so. 

A group of bitchy women who claimed they were lawyers (for the record, I have nothing against lawyers… or women!) tried to barge their way onto the roof just because they wanted a better view to watch the fire works. I noticed these strangers trying to make their way towards us while we were assembling the launch pad and quickly made my way over with Gerard, of Carryhill.

They were the typical Ugly Singaporeans, who think just because they have some level of education they have the right of everything. Gerard tried to reason with them because this involved trade secrets but one of them cackled “Oh you can trust us, we’re lawyers!” and that totally turned me off. Good law enforcers would understand P&C. 

Since they wouldn’t listen to Gerard’s patient rationale and my polite reasoning, I went to look for the building security manager, who immediately fixed the problem. The three left after a while but of course they were clearly unhappy. They tried to lie to the security manager too that I said it was “OK” for them to be there… so much about trusting lawyers *wry grin*

It was quite funny because out of spite, they actually tried to linger by the glass panels to see what we were doing. But no worries. We came prepared. So that’s what we did. 


You probably can’t see much because it was so dark (…yes, us magicians prefer to work in the comforting cloak of darkness) but we actually obscured their vision of our teleportation device with a huge black canvas cover on a truss. These irritating “muggles” can be so annoying sometimes… Tsk… 🙂

Seriously though, it was kind of funny because later the Head of Security told me that no one in the building management liked those irksome ladies too, and that they weren’t real lawyers. They hadn’t taken the bar yet. Apparently, during the last earthquake in Indonesia that caused some buildings in the CBD to tremble slightly, they called up the management office and demanded the staff to stop their office from wobbling.  

Yes, I kid you not! *amused grin*

Anyways! We were all fixing up things when the fireworks started at 9ish so we stopped for a moment just to soak in the sights. I was really enjoying myself until one of the guys muttered… “That’s where all our tax money’s going… Going up in smoke!” 

Geez. Did the Singapore Govt. really pay millions for the fireworks display?

Anyways, the lawyers were behind the glass panel trying to watch the fireworks too but because they were such a pain in the butt to begin with, good ole Shawn & Shaun actually purposely stood right in front of them, their butts to the glass, and obscured them from view. LOL. Now that I didn’t expect from them! *amused grin* 

Anyways… I always thought it’d be so nice and romantic to be able to watch the fireworks with a special somebody, but tonight I had a whole bunch of people with me and I was pretty happy. Because we banded together like a tribe and enjoyed that really wonderful moment together, there really wasn’t any need for that company of an “other half”. I think I’m beginning to reject Plato’s views on his Soulmate theory in his Symposium (a really good book) already.

That aside, this is my all time favorite photo. I’m pleasantly surprised my crappy camera phone was capable of such a spectacular shot. 

Yes, isn’t this pretty? It’s taken on the roof on the 49th floor! *grin*

It was an amazing few minutes before the night became still again. It was pretty awesome really, the cool wind in your hair while the fireworks happened so close to you. And like how it suddenly started to life, the fireworks dimmed and finally ended, leaving thick wisps of smoke in the air and all was quiet again, with all of us standing in silence, on the roof. 

You can smell our anticipation in the air for what’s about to happen in just a few mere hours.

My heart is racing.

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