Last Minute Preparations

It’s the monthly IBM (International Brotherhood of Magicians) meeting at Bayview Inn tonight but being so busy, we could only zip in for a brief moment before we had to zip out again. I was happy to meet Shade there though, it’s been a long time since I had the time to hang out properly with friends 😦 Busy times!!!

Anyways, J C took the opportunity to tell everyone about the Mega Illusion happening in just 3 days, even though it was already mentioned in the latest newsletter in an article written by IBM’s Vice-President, Enrico Varella (also one of Magic Boutique’s resident reviewers & advisors!). J C gave away a copy of our new DVD, autographed by the both of us *LOL* So I guess, we may see it on eBay soon.

We needed a couple of things still and had to pick them up from various places before it closed. Since we had to drop by IKEA anyway (the boss, Philip, is a friend of mine and I really like him because he’s so completely humble and kind… no sordid ostentatious manners!), I begged for us to have dinner there.

Heh. I’m a real sucker for their yummy salmon steaks & juicy meatballs. Plus, their desserts are pretty good too – you MUST try their Daim chocolate cake!!! Anyways, we were all heading towards the IKEA cafeteria when we passed by the kids section. We walked by a bunch of toys and one particular plush toy immediately caught my eye…

Can you spot the similarities? 🙂

You can almost hear Adeline laughing behind me as I took this picture… I think the resemblance is uncanny. *grin* I’m just kidding!!!

After getting all the things we needed, it was a mad rush back to the studio to fix up everything we needed. I think it was probably way past 2am when we finally finished up what we had to do. Yeah, it’s times like these I sure wish I could just snap my fingers or wave my wand like Cinderella’s fairy godmother and have everything all righted immediately!

It’s really hard work but hey, I’m really glad to have the fantastic opportunity to do this. No one else in South East Asia has! 🙂  We’re putting Singapore on the world MAGIC map, baby!!!!

Anyways… I really don’t know how Will still has the energy to still go out dancing at Ministry of Sound (MOS) after 14 hours of hard work, but he does. Check out Will’s spiffy “gangster” outfit complete with the hat with an attitude!

Now he should wear fancier “bling bling” and do the whole “Puff Daddy” thing to impress all the hot chicks.

Right. I’m really too amused to stop laughing after an overdose of Red Bull at 2am in the morning… Just 3 more days to go to the MEGA ILLUSION!!!



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