Busy with Media Interviews!!!

I’ve been really busy liaising with the press so the media knows about our Mega Illusion, happening this 18 Aug at the CBD area. It’s great because some of the reporters have expressed genuine interest about J C’s “Impossible Teleportation”.

Lianhe Zaobao actually sent a photographer and journalist down to our magic studio today to do an interview about this first-ever Mega Illusion. They were really nice guys to work with and had absolutely no pompous air about them *grin* It was a really nice, stress-free session because they were so professional. The interview lasted over an hour and we did some funky photos but I’m sure only one will be picked, but the photographer had a good camera eye. LHZB is really my all time fave Chinese newspaper because they’re so current! Watch out for the article this Thu, 16th Aug!

Asia One also came by to interview J C. We had to neaten our studio before they came because besides the reporter, a photographer and video cameraman came by as well! The reporter is a really nice lady who shared that the very first gift her husband got her when they were dating, was a book on Houdini. *LOL* She apparently stashed it aside and forgot about it until he reminded her if she’d read it. Really cute lady, she…

Anyways, here’s a photo I took while they were conducting the hour long interview. The photographer was behind, to my left so that just left J C, Gerry (reporter) & Jillyn (videographer) on the floor.

Check out J C’s exclusive interview at http://news.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews/Singapore/Story/A1Story20070810-21486.html 

There are also several funky videos links (vodcast clips) online that has J C do some cool magic for Asia One viewers *grin* Don’t mess…

Asia One & SPH now call J C Sum: Singapore’s David Copperfield!!!!

With just a few more days away to the BIG day for us, the 3 of us (Will, Shawn & yours truly) are working hard with J C to make sure the delicate assembly and precise construction of our Mega Illusion teleportation platforms are going well. It is no easy task because as you know, magic is a secret art *grin* We have various parts ordered from different suppliers, manufacturers and workshops both locally and internationally & painstakingly put together everything. If you aren’t already aware, this is a completely new and original illusion designed by J C himself.

Of course working with all that “intoxicating” chemicals and heavy tools can make people a bit crazy. This is Shawn & Will clowning around with me while taking a much-deserved break from all that hard work!


Don’t let these insane buggers gatecrash your party. They’d just burn your house down. No qualms about it!

PS: There’s a slight change… “Magic Babe” Ning (aka YOURS TRULY) will be featured in a 3 page interview in October’s issue of Simply Her magazine, instead of the September issue. This is pretty spiffy because well, October’s my birthday month too… what a treat! *grin* Please show your support and grab a copy!


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