J C gets interviewed by The New Paper :)

It’s National Day today, a holiday for most but it’s another working day for me. What’s new right? *wry grin* A reporter from TNP, our national’s favorite tabloid newspaper, came down to our studio to interview J C.

 It’s pretty cool because she’s promised to write about our Mega Illusion coming up too. She was blown away by the magic he showed her and she was amazingly knowledgeable about magic. I like her a lot… Sheela’s one tough cookie!

She was writing an article about local magicians on TV and had previously interview Klye Ravin & Imran, who both have their own magic series on V. Central & Suria respectively. The story comes on on Monday, 13/8 so watch out for it! *grin*

All work and no play makes Ning a dull girl, especially when we have to leave work at the wee hours of the morning as we build the teleportation platforms and everything. Our studio is certainly a… er, creative mess!!! Anyways, I’m catching an Action Theatre play written by Ovidia Yu with ML tomorrow. Should be pretty good, Ovidia’s also from MGS but of course, batches ahead of me. Her mom was my Mathematics teacher though, and Mrs Yu (she was one of my favorite teachers really, she also taught my mom!) always liked to call me by my surname… “Cai!” 

Oh boy. Fond memories. Although it does give me a bit of a shiver because I never ever did my Math homework. Heh.

I’m currently reading a new book called Fresh Mint by Cameron Francis, which is really a funky signed bill to Tic Tac Box effect, with 3 bonus card tricks.

It is quite clever and I see it as a very possible staple walkaround close-up effect which would entertain and amaze people from all walks of life, more so since it touches on money & hey, everyone has seen a Tic Tac box before!

The beautiful thing about this, is the versatility because besides money; business cards, billets or regular playing cards can also be used. For those who aren’t lazy to read books, this one may just be for you! Reviews coming soon…


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