Magic Babe took on a crowd of 1,000 @ Serangoon Stadium yesterday!

My solo close up magic performance yesterday was very interesting. It was actually for SBS Transit’s “Funtastic Day” which was a cheery carnival for their staff at Serangoon Stadium.

As you know, it’s a huge organization so there were so many people on site! No just from SBS but Comfort Delgro as well! I guess I stood out in my “Magic Babe” outfit… but I was already wearing a black halter top because of the heat. But yes, still in my black PVC pants and midnight fingernail polish!

It was amazing because I was wondering how I could effectively reach out to over 1,000 people in just that one hour performance I was booked for. The stadium was packed but the atmosphere was great, just stepping in there already made me feel all revved up! It was funny but as I was waiting for Anthony, the event producer, someone familiar came up to me. It was an old friend who happened to be there at the event! LOL… what a small world it is!

We didn’t have much time to talk because in a flash, Anthony asked if I could go on to the stage and say “HI” to everyone. It was cute… how many entertainers get this privilege? Usually magicians are just told to start work on the crowd as soon as they arrive.

Stepping on stage, in front of the mic, I greeted everyone with a cheerful “Da Jia Hao Bu Hao?” and it was fantastic because the crowd roared back “Hao!” 🙂 What really tickled me was that I was made to sign my autograph on t-shirts later, on stage! LOL. I felt like a total celebrity *wry grin*

I was able to work my magic to the masses, though it was almost parlor/ stage work but most importantly, people enjoyed themselves. There were times when I was asked to take photos with them, so that was pretty cool too. They must have really liked my magic! There were a few people who followed me around too.

This morning, J C & I had a customized illusion show at Hyatt Hotel for ILOG. It was early, but the crowd seemed appreciative on the treat before their  workshop began. It was fun putting it together and we closed with our 3” Hole Illusion, which has me magically penetrate a locked box which J C has to unlock with a key in the audience to get me out. LOL. 

After the performance, the team walked over to Borders (one of my favorite places) and we bought some books and CDs. I got a couple of new reading material, more on that later *grin* Yes I know, I’m quite the bookworm!!!

I’ll be meeting Uncle Bob, my godfather in Magic, for lunch tomorrow. Due to our busy schedules, we haven’t seen each other for quite a while. Looking forward to that! 

Meanwhile, if you’re into interesting aspects of magic, you might like to check out Scrolls by Tim Converse. This new book on Bizarre Magic (no, no, it’s not Black Magic, don’t worry!) touches on presentational aspects of performing, with well-written essays on the performer’s character, acting, material, motivations, etc. It comes with 20 routines too and makes a good read. I feel that magic is all about communication – you must be able to tell a good story. This book helps the reader understand certain essentials, which are important for the professional performer.

A new magic DVD that recently caught my eye is Refraction by David Penn, which features a strong PK (psychokinetic) effect where the stem of a borrowed wine glass bends visually before everyone’s eyes!

This would make great stuff for TV, or Youtube, so well… if you’re looking for something creative & visual, this would be it! Magicians in the UK have got many good things to say about it.

Please see full details (complete with videos and descriptions, etc.) of these new magic items on Magic Boutique’s main catalogue page 🙂 Oh yes! Do check out our review page… We update it frequently and there’s always goodies coming up! *grin*


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