Ning needs a Clone!

We went for an onsite site recce at Kulai, Malaysia yesterday for our upcoming Volvo project which has us magically appearing now, not one …but three MEGA HUGE construction vehicles!

The drive up to Malaysia was not so bad, I brought a book (don’t you just love the smell of brand new books?) to read on the way and I must say that QUIRKOLOGY by Dr. Richard Wiseman is pretty darn good! Honestly, if you haven’t already gotten yourself a copy, go buy one now. It’s brain food!!! *grin*

Check out the book cover. That in itself is already an experiment. Can you tell what’s wrong with the picture? *grin* It is really quite clever. HINT: If after 5 minutes, you still can’t tell what’s weird about the picture, flip it the other way. If you can’t do a rotate, do a headstand and look. Ahem.

Quirkology touches on the interesting bit of human psychology, how we’re wired… and well, the curious science of everyday lives. If you’re looking for it, most good bookshops would have it under their Science section. I got my copy from Harris, and haven’t been able to put it down. If you aren’t aware, Dr. Wiseman has a couple of very interesting video clips up online. Go to to watch my fave video of his. It’s simply awesome!

Righty. Back on track, I was talking about our site recce in Kulai for our new Volvo project. The early morning ride from Singapore to Malaysia was pretty long but I had Shawn & J C for company in the roomy air-conditioned Mercedes mini-bus, which Arthur (our event partner who engaged us for the Nike event a little while back) so very kindly arranged for us.

So that’s Shawn (in his huge shades, doing his best stylo-milo corny impersonation of Horatio Crane of CSI: New York) and J C (doing his best smiley impersonation of J C Sum: The Thinking Man’s Magician!) on site at Kulai, where we’ll be doing this impossible looking magic feat for our new client, VOLVO.*

*“Magic Babe” Ning could not be in the photo above as I was taking it.

The venue is an open air quarry and on the actual day, there would be a few hundred LIVE audience, surrounding the lit area which the 3 gigantic professional construction vehicles would magically appear in. There would be a nice tentage erected and all of course, and there’s going to be spectacular pyrotechnics, and everything. This is the first site recce to view the area and understand the logistics. Kulai is really quite a forested area… there’s plenty of trees around. Art was telling me there were tigers. I’m not sure if he was pulling my leg but that started a whole conversation with us on how to escape from dangerous wild animals that come charging towards you.

J C was saying that there’d be plenty of wild boars in the forest and Shawn was certain there are a wide variety of poisonous snakes lying around. And Art mentioned about tigers again but when I asked about bears, no one was sure. Then Shawn had to be hilarious as usual and crack a joke that was so sinister, it was funny.

Imagine running away from a wild boar with long, dangeorus tusks charging towards you and you try to climb a tree to get away safely. However, just as you think you’re safe, a deadly snake bites you on the hand and you fall. When you stand up and dust yourself off though, you realize that the wild boar’s no longer there. You think you’re out of harm’s way but when you look behind you, you see a hungry tiger smacking its lips…

Anyways! Back to Kulai! *rueful grin* I swear, I’ve never had SO MUCH mud on my boots ever. My converse boots will never look the same again *LOL* There is just so much muck everywhere! It’s a good thing Art’s arranging to plank up the place and carpet the performance area so it’d look a lot nicer.

Oh and hey, just in case you think I’m exaggerating on the size of the 3 Volvo new trucks we’re supposed to magically appear from thin air… think again. This girl tells no lies! It’s reeeeeaaaally HUGE!!!! Just check it out!

See! I’m almost 1.7m tall and the frikkin WHEEL is still taller than me! Also, this is the smaller one of the three… so… you can imagine. LOL.

It’s going to be an interesting event. How many professional magicians can say they have the expertise and tools to be able to pull this off smoothly? Not many! That’s why they love us! *big grin* That’s J C on the side of the truck. I think any man standing next to such a huge monster would be dwarfed, seriously. Heh. I would love to be in the front seat… apparently these things can really race!

A big bummer was the weather because it was really hot and humid. It didn’t help too that I forgot to bring my sunscreen. Trekking up the steep slopes wasn’t easy with all the rough sand, masses of loose gravel and icky soft muck because it rained a few hours just before we arrived. There was a spot where both J C and I nearly got sucked in by some quicksand-like muck and it was totally gross. But it was an interesting experience… The guys were impressed that I didn’t break a sweat on the way up the steep hill. LOL. I attribute my stamina to all my tough “Magic Babe” illusion work training!



Yep, that’s the three of us on  the way back from Malaysia… Sweaty/ thirsty, hot/ thirsty and tired/ thirsty!!! *LOL* At that point  of time, I remember thinking that air-conditioning was surely man’s greatest invention of all time!

So that was yesterday… today I had two meetings to run to, the first being our meeting with SPH again for the mega illusion (we’re making history, baby!) then with Kitson and his awesome gang from Carreyhill (our event partner for the major gig) to discuss the important technical aspects for the big event. I only had lunch at 4pm (Subway meatball sandwich with extra cheese… YUM!) because I had to meet my printer to check on the color proofing for the pocket illusions that Magic Boutique is exclusively producing for SPH.

All’s good and I’m really SO totally excited as the date for the MEGA ILLUSION draws closer! The trailer that we specially filmed is already playing on all SPHMBO screens islandwide, so do check it out!


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