Jamming with Kevin :)

A very quirky thing happened to me today when I was on my way to meet Kevin at Plaza Singapura. As I was passing Carl’s Junior, someone from a modeling agency stopped me and gave me his card. He was apparently a talent scout and his manager sent him after me. I’ve always been wary because I’m aware of those fake “agencies” that get you to sign up with them just so you’ll pay them for the photoshoot or grooming courses, but this one was different.

This is actually a real professional agency! *beams* Now how about that… hahaha, that really made my day! Technically “Magic Babe” Ning has done some modeling before, for Nike and then some. Well. We’ll see how things go *grin* Anyways!



It’s been ages since I met up with my buddy, Kev aka KevH aka Kevin Ho aka Mr Redux. We found a day where the both of us were free as we HAD to meet each other soon, before he flies to the US for college come mid August and would be there for years and years. I don’t even know if he’d come back, more likely than not, he’d be based there after he graduates from film school.

Yep. Another thing we have in common besides our love for magic is our passion for film. Kev’s going to study film as well (been there, done that!), and the manymanymany movies he’s watched are also the ones that have made it to my list. For instance, a very weird film you’d only want your worst enemy to see is “Even Dwarfs Started Small”.

I’m really gonna miss Kev and his two hands and ten fingers. The boy can do the most awesome things with a simple deck of cards. *grin* I guess the two of us have come a long way since we first knew each other about 4 years ago. He was a kid working as a part-time magic demonstrator and I was just getting more involved in Singapore Magic Circle.

Kev is now making waves here and overseas as a flourish god of sorts with all the crazy things he’s come up with. LOL. I’m really very proud of him, he’s always been like a little brother to me. So it was kinda coincidental when we were at TCC, slurping our chocolate milkshakes when we both whipped out brand new sealed decks to begin with.

Both blue backed, mine was a regular Bicycle deck while his was the Vintage series. We decided to just cut to a random card on our own decks and guess what happened… Pretty neat eh? *grin* So much for good friends being on the same page! LOL…

We spent nearly 6 hours together, and it was good fun. I always feel so inspired every time after I meet him. Kev’s website is still down at the moment but you can catch some of his snazzy card work on Dan and Dave’s website, as well as Youtube. Just check out www.youtube.com/kevhonline and you’ll understand why I think Kev just rocks.

Speaking of which, I just watched Volume 1, Episode 1 of Reel Magic Quarterly. It is a magic magazine in DVD format, with 2 hours of really good stuff! It’s extremely well put together – professional, hip and modern with loads of goodies. There’s a long interview with veteran magician, Harry Lorayne; a segment that had the zany David Regal in it; a teach-in by Garrett Thomas (famous for his Ring Thing); a very cool interview with my all time favorite close up guy and magic creator, Paul Harris; and much more…

If you don’t know how to do a bill switch without a thumbtip, get the DVD! John Lovick teaches how to effectively execute this secret move, as featured in his much hyped about book, the $100 SWITCH! I really enjoyed this DVD and felt sad when it ended. There’s even a part on the great Paul Potassy & Dan Tong! At the price it’s going at, Reel Magic Quarterly is a truly a steal because you get so much bang for buck. Seriously. It’s definitely worth a check out!

More magic reviews coming soon… But before I sign off, I’d like to leave you with a piece of wisdom imparted by one of the greatest, wisest human beings on earth.

The experience of mastery is not the same as astonishment” – Paul Harris

Now that’s something for magicians to chew on!



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