I had three long meetings today and I’m still reeling a little *wry grin* I’m really excited about one of our upcoming projects. Well, okay… two really. Besides our history-making MEGA ILLUSION project with SPH on 18 August (mark it down on your calendar, folks!) where J C teleports LIVE instantly from street level to the roof top of a skyscraper in the CBD area, we also have a very exciting project with Volvo in Malaysia next month, which sees us magically producing a huge excavator truck from pure nothingness. It’s also a LIVE event with a surrounded audience in an outdoor area, so it’s going to be an awesome illusion. I love the challenge! 🙂

Ade came by the magic studio today so right after work, we had a nice dinner together at this little known fusion restaurant, which serves really nice fragrant tea. We had dinner late as I had to rush some artwork files for SPH because… get this (you’re one of the first to know!)… Magic Boutique is exclusively producing 1,000 magic pocket illusion sets for SPH! This is for their big, hyped-up Straits Times: A Part of My Life! event this 18 Aug, where J C’s teleportation would be their grand finale.

All work but no play makes Miss Ning a dull girl. So in case you’re wondering what we do to amuse ourselves at the studio when we’re bored at work…

…That’s Kenny, the “Friendly” Chicken or KFC for short *grin* He’s “high” (and he looks it!) all the time and has a really annoying, scratchy voice. You just want to strangle the life out of this wacky bird. He’s so irritating; it’s cute in a funny way. Yes, it’s a ‘he’ and not a ‘she’ but we really couldn’t call him Kenny the Friendly C… oh you know why!!!

Anyways. Here’s one of my all time favorite jokes that always get folks screaming with laughter when Kenny/ Shawn does it.

KFC: Ugh… I don’t feel so good!

Shawn: Oh? Why?

KFC: I think I got something in my throat.

Shawn: What?

KFC: …Your hand!!!! *cackles madly*

Yes, it’s very lame… but it really gets you, doesn’t it?!


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