Its Monday already?!?!

Its just so scary how time flies. The weekend wasnt like a weekend at all, with so many things to settle at work. The queue at the post office was horrendously long today, but the wait gave me some time to reflect on things.

I suddenly remembered Miss G K Goh, my passionate O-Levels Pure Chemistry teacher in MGS, who passed away from cancer last year. I went for her wake with my girlfriends and even left her a special white paper napkin rose I made for her. I cried uncontrollably when I saw her lying there so still in her casket for the last time because she mean so much to me she thought me so much more than just complex chemical equations and the periodic table. She thought me about life and about growing up.

She thought me something really important, which I still hold on tightly with me till this day. Mind you, Miss Goh was always a fierce one but she had your best interest at heart. I dont know of any other teacher who is so giving to her students. She never married or had kids. But what she thought me and anyone who cared to listed was this Be Humble In Life.

There is so much wisdom is a sentence so simple. But its a magic formula thats worked for me. Being sincere and humble has probably helped bring me so far, because without ego and ill intentions, I got to meet and learn from Singapores greatest and its helped me arrive at where I am today. Arrogance would only bring you down because no one wants to deal with a petty, stuck up, unprofessional schemer. Lifes too short to be un-nice.

I suddenly wished I could thank Miss Goh again, for all her kind patience and unconditional love she gave me when I was a capricious teenager. She made me a better person and Ill always remember her as the best teacher I ever had 🙂

Anyways, enough with the heavy stuff. Ades show yesterday was GREAT she did very well as Addy the Magic Juggler and Im so extremely proud of her. Ades really learnt a lot and it shows in her performance.

Joseph was joking that this was the first time so many people were going down to support a teammates show. Joseph, J C, Shawn & myself were there to lend support to Ade *grin* Shes the baby of the Concept:Magic family after all!

William, the emcee & event producer for the function was so impressed with Ade, he confirmed that hed definitely be using her again. *grin* I went crazy taking photos of her family day performance. Ades naturally great with kids and you can see how much hearty response she got from them with her wacky Rocky Rabbit puppet in a top hat.

On a side-note, J C and I have worked out the new levitation system we have as well be using this for our all-important illusion show for SPHs Straits Times: Part of My Life event come mid August. Rehearsals for that to begin next week after we settle the costumes and stuff! *grin* I cant wait weve got a new funky toy to play with!!!

Oh yes, J C, being Mr. Super Efficient as usual, has already done up the case study for the mega show we did for Erina at Suntec. You can read all about it at: Videos and high-res photos to follow later, but please do drop me an email to tell me what you think. Id really love to hear from you! 🙂

Meanwhile, Id like to congratulate Marc Chan and Sunny Lee of Singapore for winning the $100 and $500 Magic Boutique hampers respectively in the last leg of the 21 Days of Magic Bliss promotion *grin* Youll be contacted shortly!

As the winner for week #3, this is what Marc gets to take home FREE:

Linking Laces (With DVD) by Harris, Jockisch, and Goodwin – Trick – SGD$40.00
4 regular Bicycle decks – SGD$16.00
Red One Way Forcing Deck (9s) – SGD$12.00
Wonder Mouse by Fun Inc. – Trick – SGD$1.90
Royal Road To Card Magic – SGD$19.10
Red One Way Forcing Deck (4d) – SGD$12.00

And as Magic Boutiques grand prize winner, Sunny WINS the following:

Treasures Vol 1 by Alexander De Cova – DVD – SGD$47.90
Treasures Vol 2 by Alexander De Cova – DVD – SGD$47.90
Treasures Vol 3 by Alexander De Cova – DVD – SGD$47.90
Manipulation CDs Box Set (Standard) by Adrian Man – Trick – SGD$72.00
The Lost Tapes Volume One by Earl Nelson – DVD – SGD$56.00
The Lost Tapes Volume Two by Earl Nelson – DVD – SGD$56.00
Slydini Lecture by Jim Cellini – DVD – SGD$84.80
Let’s Get Flurious by Gary Kurtz – DVD – SGD$47.90
Creating Magic by Gary Kurtz – DVD – SGD$47.90
Total – $501

Now are we generous, or are we generous? *big grin*

Ta for now, more later


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