Its just so scary how time flies

I sometimes ask myself. What EXACTLY is normal? I dont think I can ever have a normal day, but right now, with the big show this month cleared, we can go back to slightly more normal *wry grin* 🙂

Our studio is still quite a mess, but we had so much paperwork to go through today and emails to clear. We tried out the new levitation system we bought too, and its really awesome. Im so glad I never had a fear of heights *grin* Im lucky too, that Im of a certain body type. Makes working with illusions a whole lot easier!

After work today, we brought our American friends out for a scrumptious local style dinner at East Coast Lagoon. There, Jessica, Garrett and Raph tried sambal stingray, oyster omelet, butter crayfish, satay, baby kailang, ice kachang and sugar cane juice for the first time ever and they loved it all!!!

Jessica took many photos and was still raving about the D-24 durians we introduced them on their first night in Singapore. She loves it so much, she was raving about it to her boyfriend over the phone and she really wants to have a durian party for her friends when she goes home. Im not sure if shed be able to find it there in the States! *grin* Honestly, Id be impressed if her friends are as plucky as she is!

So thats us, all hot and sweaty because the weather was humid and warm. I feel that this photo doesnt do the both of us justice AT ALL, simply because were both really A LOT cuter in real life! *guffaw* Bad camera taking skills on J Cs part, really. LOL.

Anyways! Jessica truly impresses me because at just 27, shes running her own successful events company and shes truly a very capable business woman. I told her about my up-coming interview with Simply Her magazine and she graciously offered to provide referrals and comments if there was a need for it. The sweetheart said shed give glowing reports about Magic Babe so I guess Jessica must be really, really, really happy with our performance! *big grin*

After a long dinner, we took a short walk to the beach before sending them back to the hotel since its been a long day for all of us. Im so going to miss them, but Jessica seems to really want us to come over to L.A. so hopefully, we get some gigs there so well meet again soon 🙂 They were really sweet too they gave J C and I a bottle of Silverado red wine each, from the vineyard of Walt Disneys daughter! Dads a wine connoisseur so when he took a casual glance at the date, he immediately knew it was good wine *LOL* Cant wait for the right occasion to drink it!

Magic Boutiques stock has came in from the States and were about to send the packages out via registered mail at Singpost. The GST charged by UPS this time around was reeeeeeeaaally high 😦 Besides the expensive shipping fees, I had to pay almost another hundred bucks on top of it I sometimes ask myself why I really bother with all this because it isnt easy running a retail business and theres more money in just performing really but then I remember, its all for the love of the art.

Still, I really need to find some time to chill, I still dont feel rested at all and my batteries need a total recharge! Theres just so many things to do, so little time and only one me! Ok, Ill quit whining but its true!!!



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