They loved us!!! OMG. Tonight, I did the best performance Ive ever done in my life and Ive never felt more proud of my achievements as a professional magic performer. *big grin*

We did a fantastic show for Erina and made everyone happy our American event producers, the important Japanese clients, the 2,000+ people in the audience Its the biggest illusion show ever done for a corporate event in the history of Singapore, 45 minutes of non-stop high impact grand illusions and there were zero hiccups, everyone was sharp and in top form and it was a GREAT SHOW!!!

What really mattered to me was that it was the first time my parents actually came by to see me in action. Because of work, theyd always been too busy to support me at the competitions I did, and previous shows I performed in. Mr. Boss gave me the green light to invite them to come watch, since hed also asked Peter, Enrico, John & Betsy of IBM Ring 115 as well. Roland came by with Jason to watch the show too and they left right after, but not without saying good things about it.

All in all, everyone loved our performance, especially our grand finale (the Deathbed of Spikes!), my all original Sai dance which opened it (Enrico & Uncle John said it was very Elektra so thats wonderfully fantastic!), our instant sports car vanish, J Cs amazing 12 girl appearance illusion, our unique UV magic act and more!

Needless to say, the entire team was tired but very happy. Weve been working since 9am, running rehearsals till 1pm before we went off for lunch. I apparently slept like a baby after lunch (actually, it was really my first meal of the day) since I was one of the last few to leave the night before. We headed back to the studio to settle some paperwork, and I took the opportunity to grab my shin pad and ankle wrap (my left ankles still hurting from yesterdays tumble!) before heading back to Suntec.

Our segment started at 8.30pm and it began with an ultra cool laser, light & pyrotechnics show before Will and Shawn pushed out our spectacular crystal pyramid illusion. Showing it empty, they closed it back then re-opened it fully and J C had mysteriously materialized from it within seconds. I then came in with our Modern Art illusion and had J C hop into the box and with my big scary knife, I visually sawed him in half vertically, before putting him back together.

Shaun pushed the Blammo on stage and showing the box empty, J C placed a race queen costume inside before closing it back up. With a wave of his hand, the box exploded and Marianne magically appeared wearing the same garments. Just as she got off the Blammo, our Full Throttle illusion was wheeled out and I made a magical appearance with our Yamaha sports bike.

Just as both J C and I left the stage, Marianne came back on, this time dressed in this funky mirror cat suit and had lasers pointing at her from all directions as she spun and danced to the energizing beats. When she was done with the dynamic number, I emerged on stage with my LED pois, doing my complicated weaves and spins to open our UV magic act.

Our UV magic act had J C eat fire, throw fire balls, do a torn and restored effect with a glowing yellow sheet of paper, us doing a wicked 2-person cut and restored glowing rope (with my trusty Samurai sword), a blizzard snowstorm and ending with our Light & Space illusion.

I basically climbed into the casket and though it is later covered, my hand goes through a hole in the front so the audience can see that Im still really there. Two strobbing LED poles are inserted through the casket and suddenly, my hands gone. J C instantly opens up the casket to show that Ive vanished and all thats left is just light and space. The casket is covered again and the poles removed, and Ive somehow re-materialized. Jumping off the illusion, I then follow J C down to the audience for the next act Slicing Through.

Slicing Through sees J C magically pass through two columns of sharp broken glass bottles, which are busted by members of the audience. He survives the illusion, unhurt and obviously still in one piece *grin* Right after that, we launch into Shadow Encounter a poetic illusion which has him magically produce me from an empty table and I make him vanish, before making him reappear inside an empty paper box.

Marianne then worked with J C on the classic sword basket illusion, where she also did a fantastic costume change besides surviving the multiple stabs taken when she was inside the box. *grin*

Our grand 12 girl appearance then rolled out, with J C magically appearing the dancers (dressed in different traditional clothes to symbolize Singapores rich cultural heritage) from a small, empty closet. The audience went crazy for this one especially, because it was just so amazing.

3 Hole followed, which is the illusion where I penetrate a locked ATA flight case through the 3 hole in the front of the box, within seconds. J C then has to get the key from the audience to unlock the box and I spring from it. I pride myself for the speed needed for this dynamic illusion.

Our sports car vanish was up next, but not before a snazzy dance number with 6 sexy dancers on stage. The audience went crazy when they saw the car vanish it happened in a blink of the eye and its just so impossible. Its truly one of those now you see it, now you dont moments.

So while the lights dimmed out on stage left where J C made the red sports car vanish, I was already on stage ready for my Sai dance which has me twirl, flip, flourish and flaunt my deadly Japanese daggers. It opened our finale illusion the Deathbed of Spikes, which has J C locked and handcuffed inside a prison with nasty spikes hanging above his head. He has less than a minute to escape but the timer blows up prematurely and the spikes crash down. I come running out flinging open the doors, reveal that hes somehow gone. Immediately I point to a far side of the hall and hes standing there, in the spotlight, miraculously in one complete piece.

Thats pretty much the show, and after the performance, as I went out to meet my parents, a group of Japanese businessmen noticed me and smiled. They recognized me from stage and shook my hand, telling me I did a great job. *grin* I think I was practically beaming. That vote of confidence just meant so much to me!

I think it was past 1am when we were finally done loading up all our stuff back to the studio. It took 2 huge lorries for the transportation from Suntec. We were all famished so J C took the whole team out for dinner/ supper and I came back at 2am. Its way past my bedtime as I write this but its been such a WONDERFUL experience I feel that Im just so incredibly lucky to have been a part of this. I cant wait to meet Jessica and her guys later tomorrow. Right after the show, she gave me a big hug and said I rule *LOL* I think J C got a bit jealous.

Its almost 4am!!! I Need Sleep Zzzz


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