They loved us!!! OMG. Tonight, I did the best performance Ive ever done in my life and Ive never felt more proud of my achievements as a professional magic performer. *big grin*

Pun intended. Our 12-girl appearance cabinet had a wee bit of an issue today during the rehearsals. Because Suntecs stage floor was uneven, one of the cabinets casters broke and that was a wee bit of a downer. The guys managed to do a quick fix while waiting for our builder to come by with a new closet base replacement on standby anyways. J C always has alternative back up plans, kudos to Mr. Boss! *grin*

Full dress rehearsals started at 9am and before that, we had the props and illusions all set up on stage. Suntec had a couple of power outages and that was really annoying. We found later that the power kept tripping, killing the lights, sound and air-conditioning, all because the LAME-O Suntec staff kept trying to plug in an iron for their table cloths and chair covers.

Now, if they do it once its a mistake but when theyre told by our events partner not to do it again but they keep doing it, its simply just &*%$#$@!!!

Stupidity is a crime, really.

Poor Jessica was really peeved because the Japanese client was there too and such hiccups just didnt make all of us look good, though it wasnt our fault in any way. In desperation, Garrett taped up all the power sockets to drive the point across all the irritating numbskulls that they couldnt and shouldnt use any of the power points to do their %$#$!&%$ ironing. Ive never met more moronic timewasters who cannot follow simple instructions. SIGH. I just hate wasting time and working with unprofessional people.

Lighting design, blocking, stage set-ups and rehearsals took a long time (especially our new car vanish illusion, its such a beaut!) so we were all working till past midnight. The guys left before 1am and Sherman (our team mate whos in-charge of our music cues) and I had to stay with J C to finish up some things before we could finally leave. We finally completed the dramatic lighting design for my solo stage Sai dance act and that was already 2+ in the morning. I got an offer for a ride home by the lighting director, whos a really nice guy, but J C dropped me off instead. I was practically dozing in the car because its been such a tiring day!

I unfortunately got hurt during rehearsals today because a contractor left a loose black cable on the stage carpet when we were having a short break. It was at a dark part of the set (we werent done with the lighting design yet) so when I leapt off the table for the Shadow Encounter illusion after magically materializing, I twisted my left ankle because I tripped over it and landed funny.

Because of that topple, I slammed the side of my right knee into something hard and got a rather nasty bruise. It was excruciatingly painful but the show must go on and we completed our rehearsals. I didnt tell anyone about it and its only after getting out of the shower a few minutes ago that I realized how nasty this looks Ah well. I wear it proud, like war medals! *sheepish grin* Another few weeks before I can wear my short skirts again, I guess

Anyways! I really cant wait for tomorrow its THE day weve all been working so hard for 🙂 Im going to make it my best performance yet. Im so excited, I cant sleep. My minds still so active but my body, well I could really use a nice massage right now.

The land of the ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz beckons


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