Quick Updates

Busy is my middle name!!! Yesterday was a crazy rush with rehearsals and things before we packed up for the show, as we needed to move all our equipment, props and illusions to Suntec since we were doing the big show at Convention Halls 601 and 602.

I met Jessica, Raph & Garrett in the morning to settle their cellphone issues. Turns out we had to rent them phones from Starhub because their GSM mobile phones were just not compatible with the network here. And they say technology is supposed to make our lives easier. Right. *wry grin*

After taking them for lunch at a popular Taiwanese fast food joint (they actually enjoyed the oyster mee sua and spicy chicken!) because we were really pressed for time, it was then a long meeting afterwards with the other groups involved for the big project at Suntec to discuss the event set-up and layout of the staging and other pressing matters.

But before all the serious stuff started, Raph took this really nice photo with his self-timer digicam, which has all of us (Zoe Productions, Carrey Hill & Concept: Magic people in it). So thats Raph on the left, Jessica in the middle and Garrett on the right. Behind the seated trio stands Gerard of CH, J C & I, Jonathan, Kitson & May of CH. After all the discussions, it was back to the studios for J C and I for more intensive rehearsals.

Anyways, youre the first to know this I just received FANTASTIC news for the Concept:Magic team!!! My PR magic seems to work, because I just scored J C an interview with LIME, Will an interview with Manja & Simply Her approached Magic Babe (yours truly) for an exclusive 3 page interview and photoshoot! *big grin*

Yes, were all smiling so hard our jaws are aching right now. Its just really wonderful when the media sits up and notices that youre a worthy local talent to feature 🙂 *happy dance* So look out for these interviews happening shortly!

Oh yeah our new grand levitation illusion just came in today, but because were so busy with the load up to Suntec, we couldnt play around with it. So thats a new toy to muck around with and I honestly cant wait *gleefully rubbing hands together* I always wanted to fly!!! More on that later 🙂

We all left Suntec way past midnight and the team had dinner/ supper at the 24 hour makan place near my area and everyones beat! Im almost falling asleep on the keyboard and its going to be a long and early day tomorrow, so Ive gotta hit the sack before I look like a stumbling ghastly faced character from a crappy B-grade Zombie flick. Not entirely happy preppy, if you know what I mean

Ta for now, more later


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