My Busiest Sunday, Ever!

My heads still swimming its times like this I totally agree when Colin calls me Wonder Woman! I met J C in the morning because we had to go to the airport to pick up our 3 American event producers (Jessica, Raph & Garrett) from Zoe Productions, the L.A. based company that engaged us for the huge Erina event at Suntec Halls 601/602 (2,000 Japanese businessmen flying down to watch our 45 min non-stop action packed illusion show!) on 5 July.

I had absolutely no expectations and we were wondering how theyd look like, so it was 40 mins of fun for the both of us, guessing which trio were the Americans we were meeting. I was teasing J C that if Jessica Z was hot, he could possibly have the chance to have an American girlfriend (itd be so cute theyd be called J & J!) and hopefully, one of the two guys (Raph or Garrett) were my type *giggle*

Mr Boss, being the professional that he is, then rolled his eyes and said he did not expect/ hope/ wish for a hot babe and told me that he had a feeling one of the guys was a big black dude. Nice. A big scary image of a bouncer-type Mr. T with all his bling fleeted through my mind.

So there we were, J C and myself, looking a tad lost as we waited at the airport for 2 guys and a girl who could possibly look like Mr. T (Raph), a burly white guy with a huge American beer gut (Garrett) and a Judge Judy type (Jessica). Suddenly, a tall, beautiful, leggy blonde seemed to wave over at us enthusiastically and I remember rising an eyebrow and asking, Uhm. Does she look like a Jessica?

J C was about to retort when a tall Caucasian gentleman appeared from behind us and the two embraced and started frenching right in front of us. Yep, it was a big DUH moment. Heh. So, back to the waiting and guessing game!

To cut a long story short, turns out the 3 American event producers had no difficulty spotting us since theyd seen our pictures online. Jessicas like a ray of sunshine and shes got a very pretty Sandra Bullock thing going. Raph is a big teddy bear with wild untamable blonde locks and the bluest twinkling eyes Ive ever seen and Garretts a clean shaven tough guy whos totally fit and trim. So not what we expected at all. Heh. The fantastic thing was, they were really nice people and we hit it off right away.

It was a very long flight for them so we drove them direct to their hotel at Marina Mandarin and promised to meet them later in the evening, after theyve rested. Because it was Jessicas birthday, J C and I decided to get her a little something for tonight. We managed to find her a really sweet glass pendent by a local jewelry designer, which we felt suited her sweet personality. I should have taken a picture of it, because its the prettiest thing ever that Ive seen

I then had to rush off to Velocity for the CCF Hair for Hope event. It was great that the SMC guys who

volunteered with me were enjoying themselves, performing close-up magic at the event. CCF gave us an official plague, as well as, individual certificates for each volunteer so that was something that the guys were proud of. I bought drinks for everyone, my way of saying THANKS to them for coming down and spending their weekend for this good cause *grin*

I used this moment to show off my latest pet trick too, a real KICK-ASS close up effect called Numberground by magic creator, Mickael Chatelain. It was my 3rd time performing it because I just got it, and it was amazing because it completely slayed all 12 magicians and flourishers present *grin*

Honestly, the effect is great. You get someone to pick a card in the fairest possible way and show it to everyone but you. You then remove a prediction card from an envelope the 3 of Diamonds! Unfortunately, its the 5 of Diamonds they picked. But not to worry. With a deft shake, the scribbled pattern magically changes to the 5 of Diamonds before their eyes. It is a very visual change and looked really, really good.

I immediately had 5 magicians asking me if they could place orders for Numberground *grin* The gimmick is extremely well-made and is a much better alternative to Moving Pips / Moving Points, which is getting a tad common. Its a great effect & Ive requested one of Magic Boutiques resident advisors to review this, so more on that later *grin*

After our CCF gig, we took a cab down to Victoria theatre for the Singapore Association of Magicians Masters of Magic show. We actually bought 8 show tickets for the Concept:Magic team but it was quite the waste because not all of us could watch we had so many bookings from different event producers that evening! As for me, I had to leave right after the end of the 2nd performance as J C & I had an illusion show for OLAM Asia Pacific Conference at Sentosa island.

Our half hour stage act for OLAM went well, they were all guys (it was a management event) and they were a tad over appreciative when Magic Babe did her sassy straight jacket striptease act *wry grin* And they cheered the loudest when we did our closing 3 Hole illusion which sees me, er, Magic Babe magically penetrate a small, locked ATA flight case. J C did a terrific job, creatively customizing the script spontaneously to suit the organization and the OLAM staff were all highly appreciative 🙂

Once done with our show, J C and I headed off to Brewerkz where we met up with Jessica, Raph & Garrett to celebrate her birthday. She absolutely loved the present we picked out for her and she even teared when she opened up the box. So thats us at Brewerkz with our 3 new friends I look a little tired because I was, and it was such a humid night, I decided to tie back my hair. *grin*

Dinner was fantastic and the guys loved the freshly brewed beer of coursd and since the night was still young, J C & I decided to bring our dear American friends out for some wicked midnight durian supper! Yes DURIAN!!!!

Though we tried to scare them by telling them that durians were actually featured on Fear Factor, we honestly felt it was an excellent way for our American event producers to be properly acquainted with Singapore and also, experience our one-of-the-kind Geylang culture *grin* So right after Brewerkz, we made our way to one of the durian stalls along Geylang Street. There, we picked out a nice big lethal D-24 durian for the 5 of us and a round of fresh coconut juice to go around.

The 3 of them were amazingly brave and surprise, surprise they actually enjoyed the durian treat! J C and I were pleasantly amazed that they finished up the whole serving and they were licking their fingers clean.

Jessica took many photos of it because it was such a peculiar looking fruit where they come from, and said she couldnt wait to tell her boyfriend all about it. Raph was really cute, the way he was trying to describe the taste, smell and texture. I think Garrett enjoyed the coconut a bit more though *grin*

Right after supper, we took our friends for a short tour around Geylang, and besides the regular working girls, we saw a couple of trannies but our friends said that the ones in America were a lot scarier. LOL.

It was a really eventful day and I really enjoyed hanging out with them. Somehow the Starhub pre-paid cards Shawn got for the 3 of them couldnt work with their mobile phones, so Ill be meeting them tomorrow morning at Plaza Singapura to get things straightened out at the Starhub Centre. Ill be taking them out to lunch (Crystal Jade, most likely?) then to Suntec, where wed be having our first official meeting with Carrey Hill events.

What a long day!!! *yawn*


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