AllWays Magical

Theres never a slow day at Concept:Magic *grin* I had a flurry of errands to run this morning picking up specially designed costumes and props, settling emails to the media, etc. before we had to leave the studio for our clients venue to do the set up for tonights specially customized performance.

I really LOVE my job because of all the fun challenges we get to do *grin* These special projects are really a joy to work with, because of the creative challenge of coming up with the perfect script that helps the client effectively sell their product/ services by infusing their specific USPs and important highlights subliminally into our magic presentation. In the hands of the unsavvy producer, the entire show would be a flop because theyd sound like a used car salesman. We always strike the perfect balance and tonights event was the same *grin*

The crowd really loved us and lapped up the special 20 minute performance where J C did magic with the AllWays system. We had our magic built around their unique system of designer office furniture (the showcased pedestals, chair, table, etc.) so books on the table were used to mind-read the thoughts of 2 guests from different ends of the wide hall, objects and items on the table were selected/ moved around by a volunteer while J C was blindfolded but he could still read what the volunteers specific choices were, etc. Messages were creatively reinforced as AllWays tagline was Keep an Open Mind.

It was a rather fun night and Shawn did an hour of customized close up magic after our stage segment, mingling with the VIPs & guests; magically printing the AllWays logo on blank cards and much, much more.

So thats us Shawn & I before the event proper, dressed to kill in our power suits. I swear, give us dark shades to wear and wed look like those alien hunters from the Men In Black movie. Shawn can play Will Smiths movie character since hes always been the funny one. Just check out his intense Blue Steel face, ala Ben Stillers in the hilarious movie Zoolander! *grin*

Theres never a dull day at work!!!

One last thing before I sleep my heartiest congrats to Kenny Wong of Malaysia! Hes won himself a $200 Magic Boutique hamper, in our 2nd week of promotions! Well be shipping it over to you soon, Kenny! Heres what you win:

Scotty York Vol.1 – Professional Trick Bartender – DVD – SGD$47.90
Scotty York Vol.2 – Hisownself – DVD – SGD$47.90
Scotty York Vol.3 – Strikes Again – DVD – SGD$47.90
25′ Mouth Coil Uday – SGD$10.20
3 Ball Routine trick – SGD$24.00
Printing by Dominique Duvivier – Trick – SGD$27.20
Total – $205
Yes, are we nice or are we nice? *grin* Just our way of sincerely thanking you for your kind support!

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