Tuesday = 3 external meetings + 2 full (45 min show) rehearsals + Costume shopping + Misc. things = A VERY TIRED MAGICENNE

That pretty much summed up my day *rueful grin* I think I need a reeeeeally good shoulder/back massage because I over-did my practice with my Japanese sais a wee bit those metal daggers are extremely HEAVY and DEADLY! One of the guys accidentally dropped one of my chrome babies when they were clowning around with it (SIGH) and the Sai actually left a pretty serious indention on our studio floor 😛 Good thing it didnt land on anybodys feet!!!

And then theres the usual bruises and scrapes more to add to my growing collection. Heh. Anyone got a good masseuse to recommend? Right now, Zam-Buks like my best friend! Its going to be a long while till I dare go out in daisy duds again!

Colins back from his short work stint in L.A. and says he knows no other girl who works as hard as I do LOL. Its that time again where I wish I could clone myself one to handle all work aspects and the other to catch up with friends and the people important to me!

I cant even join Felixs free invitation for the gala premiere of the upcoming Harry Potter movie, because of my busy work schedule! *pout* If you didnt already know, Felix Cheong is the official movie reviewer for TODAY and also one of my biggest literary heroes (his published poems are fantastic but the underground ones are the poems that really rock!). It was a fluke that we became such close friends after a chance meeting some time back *grin*

If I remember correctly, I followed a friend for one of Felixs writing lectures at the National Library years ago and we eagerly sat in the front row because there was no microphone or audio system. For some reason, they also had chalkboards instead of whiteboards and markers so poor Felix was hacking away during his lecture, because of the dust.

Me, being me, I offered him some mints in my bag to help him along. He sheepishly accepted it (so much for his mom telling him NEVER to accept candy from strangers) but he didnt know how to open the flat Clorets box. So we laughed about it as I flipped the corner open and poured out some of the little green mints for him.

After the two hour session, Kiat Han wanted to talk to Felix and Ive always been shy, so I just stood by waiting for them to be done so we could leave to grab some lunch. Felix noticed me and smiled his thanks. We had a short conversation afterwards and I nearly died when K told him how much of a fan girl I was, of his literary works. I had some of Felixs best poems memorized. For instance:

I Watch the Stars Go Out

Perhaps love
is a view of stars
through the telescope of years
now aged,
no longer uncommitted
in chosen places,
nor fearful
of that strident moment
when light explodes
into a million shards of heart

So anyways, to cut a long story short, Felix and I became friends and are now close enough (in a proper platonic friendship kind of way, thank you!) that we can still feel so very comfortable in each others company even after not meeting each other for months and months, and we can comfortably share things when theres issues that really bugs us. Good friends dont come easy so I really treasure those who matter.

Felix is such a sweetheart but he can be such a twit he recently suggested me hooking up with one of his creative writer friends, but the catch was that its a her, not a him. Yes, I know. Hes a very funny one 🙂 The photo above is my favorite one of us, me stealing his shades and trying to look all cool and aloof, while hes grinning like an idiot at the back of a taxi. *grin*

Anyways. One of the Concept:Magic meetings I had to attend today was held over lunch and Carreyhill Productions, our event partner, were super duper generous in the ordering of dishes. Id like to say I have a pretty health appetite and high metabolism runs in my family! But really, after the scrumptious mega filling lunch at the Tung Lok restaurant, Lao Beijing, I knew I just couldnt have dinner after!

J C was kind to start rehearsals only at 4pm so we could digest properly, but I was reeeeeeeally fighting to stay awake after such a HEAVY lunch. It felt like a full 10 courses, and Jonathan (Carreyhills 2nd in command) sat next to me and being the sweet dear he is, kept piling my plate with food like a doting uncle This one good for complexion, this one very healthy, this one I know youll like *grin* The guys from SPH who were also at the meeting with us, were impressed by Kitsons (Carreyhills head honcho) generosity.

We had a lengthy technical meeting immediately right after that for the 5 Jul project, which is the BIGGEST illusion show ever to be done in a corporate setting here in Singapore. Yep, Im talking about the one where Concept:Magic is hired by a L.A. based American events company to do a 45 minute non-stop illusion show for 2,000 Japanese businessmen flying in *grin* Its taking up 2 halls (601 & 602) at Suntec Convention Hall due to its sheer size!

Right after J C and I stepped back into the office, Shawn informed us that another customized show for a client was just confirmed. I really so totally prefer these special gigs than the bread and butter shows, simply because it challenges us too and allows us to get creative with magic to help sell the clients service and products. Since this client targets the affluent PMEB market, they felt J C would be the best magic producer to perform for their special event as well, because of his impressive track record and his effective bilingual skills. So, yep, another interesting project for us coming up! *grin*

Ta for now, more later

PS: This is completely out of point, but I just wanted to post Enricos new photo over here anyways Ive never seen a more well-toned magician. This rugged Iron Man looks like a million bucks, dont you think! *appreciative wolf-whistle* Heh looking very good, Mr. Varella!

So! If you arent already aware, you can find out more about Enrico in the Magic Advisors section of Magic Boutique! Dont forget to check out our dear IBM Ring 115s Vice-Presidents edifying magic articles here, as well as, his objective magic product reviews and thoughts!

Now, dont you just feel so inspired to start getting in top shape, now? *grin*


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