Busy is my Middle Name

It’s been quite a busy Monday, with so many things happening rapidly. There are times I swear, my body reacts as fast as my mind now. Just like today� someone toppled a can of tomato juice off the table near me and my reflexes just kicked it immediately! My hand actually shot out to grab the can in mid-air, before it hit the office floor with a messy splatter. Yes, it was pretty darn awesome, even if I say so myself� Not a drop of juice was spilled! LOL!

I think it was very much like that classic dinner table scene in Mr. & Mrs. Smith where Angelina Jolie (only like the hottest Hollywood female assassin ever?!) caught the falling wine bottle before it hit the carpet. Yes, it�s one of my favorite movies of all time!!! It totally embodies romanticism for me *grin* Now, where is my elusive Mr. Smith/ Brad Pitt??? *LOL*

Anyways, this afternoon was a tad strange because halfway through our intense rehearsals (for our 45 minute illusion show this 5 July), J C got a call on his mobile phone from the culprit who’s been trying to tarnish his reputation online by posting downright nasty and mean comments of other professional magicians and signing off as him, along with our company’s URL and email info. Yes, if you read my much earlier post about the identity fraud issue you’d know what I’m talking about.

I’m really disappointed that Kiki Tay had to be the one. I was really hoping it wasn’t him but was some other spiteful magician. Caught because his name was accidentally listed on Metacafe when he did all that rubbish, Kiki admitted to J C that he did it out of jealousy when he was drunk. Whatever, really. I used to really respect the guy when I first got started into magic. It’s difficult now. Anyways, J C decided to be the nice guy and the matter’s now closed. He even requested the thread to be locked on the SMC forums.


Kiki’s extremely lucky J C didn’t choose to pursue this, because the authorities take identity fraud as a serious criminal offense these days. Sigh. Oh well. Moving on to happier things in life 🙂

I actually got a really sweet SMS from one of my BESTEST University mates this evening *grin* Nats (Natasha’s her full name & her last name is the same as Napoleon’s now, is that cool or what!) is a very cute gal my age, who’s of French & Chinese heritage.

We’ve been told we look like cousins by many, and that’s a picture of Nats, me & our darling friend Mabes (ok, real name Mabel and just in case you’re wondering, no, they don’t call me Nings), chilling out at the funky Coco Latte, what seems like eons ago!!

Nats and I actually did an audition DVD for the first Amazing Race Asia edition and it was a pretty darn cute video but it was too bad that the series organizers wanted celebrity type contestants so a local actress and her friend were selected to represent Singapore instead, while the rest of the players from other countries were models and whatnots.

Anyways! Yes, Nat’s SMS! *grin* She’s just back from her long holiday in the US with Luke (her boyfriend) and he actually proposed to her at the Grand Canyon during sunset!!! Now is that romantic or is that romantic? It�s just so awesome! I’m SO happy for her and of course, Nat’s obviously thrilled. She’s really lucky to have found THE ONE and Luke is so totally devoted to her. I still remember this funny incident when we were rushing to include some last minute changes to our project print outs for a group presentation happening in an hour.

The quirky thing about SIM’s library is that their PCs are “read-only” so you can actually go online, download email and documents, print them out accordingly BUT you cannot edit for print these changes. It�s extremely lame and highly annoying, especially when you’re freaking out to meet the looming deadlines. Anyways, the PC terminal at our lecture room is hooked up to the internet and works normally so there I was, frantically doing the changes and emailing it over to Nats who’s waiting at the library to get the documents printed for compilation to submit to the lecturer later, as the rest of the girls couldn’t get off earlier from work.

I got a call from Nats right after I SMSed her that the file was already uploaded and emailed over to her. Apparently she didn’t have a cashcard with her and that was needed for the print job. I was still busy so I told her to simply find someone who has a cashcard and pay them back for whatever credits she used, but to call me if she couldn’t borrow one & I’ll try to figure something out. Nats said OK and hung up. A classmate came in a few minutes later and since it was just the 2 of us in the room, I asked if I could borrow his cashcard for printing and being the nice guy he was, he lent it to me.

Done with my stuff, I rushed down 3 floors to hand Nats the cashcard so we could move along. Running as fast as my legs could take me, I stormed my way to the library looking for her and found her standing in front of the printer, waiting for the copies to be ready.

“Awww Babe, you didn’t tell me you managed to find a cashcard, I whined as I tried to catch my breath, borrowed cashcard waving feebly in hand.

�Yeah, I didn’t�,� Nats blinked at me with those big doe-like eyes of hers. That’s why I called Luke and he came down from work to pass his to me.

There was a beat of silence as I stood there with a highly raised eyebrow.

�Huh?� I turned to follow her gaze behind me. Luke�s hulking form loomed over me. Ah. No wonder I thought I ran past someone familiar earlier. Luke smiled and gave a sheepish wave as I looked incredulously at him. It was about 5pm and he was still in office clothes and all. And he drove all the way to SIM to pass his girlfriend his cashcard so she could print out a few pages of stuff?!?!

Wow. The power of love. Indeed. *grin*

Luke’s really something, even sending Nats back at the wee hours of 3+ in the morning after our overnight group discussions for intensive module projects and all, never complaining though he had to go to work the next day like normal people. It�s fantastic that he understands it takes 2 parties to make a relationship work. The one and only boyfriend I had, was unfortunately much better with computers than people & never ever bothered to do anything on my birthday because he was always busy but well, things happen for a reason I suppose 🙂

Better luck for me next time! *LOL* If anyone’s got any nice guys to introduce, please drop me an email along with their detailed personality profiles and most recent pictures *guffaw* If they’re anything like Jack Black, please call me immediately I’d rather a spontaneous and funny Jack Black type than a pretty boy Brad Pitt character!

Here’s wishing dearest Nats & Luke a very happy ever after 🙂 *hugs*


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