John Teo = Magic Broadcast Winner!!!!

just received FANTASTIC news from Uncle John today (IBM Ring 115s long-serving and passionate president, hes also Magic Boutiques resident advisor and someone I really respect) and I just felt that I simply MUST share this!!! Uncle John took part in an online international magic competition organized by Magic Broadcast and came up as their Grand, 3rd place & 2nd runner up winner!!!

Its amazing and Im so HAPPY and PROUD of him! *grin* Uncle John is a very brilliant man and his knowledge in magic is vast and wide. So, in my humble opinion, he really deserves the US$2000 worth of prizes!

He is lucky too, that Aunty Betsy (his wife and right-hand person in IBM!) shares his passion and also gives Uncle John her fullest support. Her kind understanding and unconditional love probably helped inspire his creativity and drives him too. I really like her, shes a very wise lady *grin*

Check out

One more thing I wanna share, IBM Ring 115s new website is getting better and better! *grin* KUDOS to their new webmaster, my buddy Joshua Lee!

Josh is a real sweetheart and I got to know him only last year when he made an online purchase from me for some magic props. I remember we spoke for a good hour or so before he left, and I was telling him about IBM Ring 115. He joined the club, thinking I was already a member and still to this day, thanks me for it. LOL!

He is now the clubs Asst. Treasurer and works very closely with Uncle John and the other committee members for all club activities. What I really like about Josh is that my friend has absolutely no harbored selfish intentions of sorts when he does work for IBM. He just gives himself freely, unconditionally with no devious ploys for self gain *grin* Hes also very recently, became a fan of Uncle Bobs magic!

If only there are more Mr. Nice Guys like Josh around, this world would be a MUCH better place! See

Oh yes, one more thing I wanna share before I sign off Dan & Dave Bucks new DVD, THE TRILOGY, is out! WOOHOO!!!! *big grin* Ive always been a fan of theirs simply because the Buck twins are so talented!!!

This new 3 DVD box set contains over a booklet and 6 hours of card tricks, flourishes and everything else Dan & Dave have dreamt up with a deck of cards.

According to, it is a body of work that spans over ten years of study and practice and you’ll find everything from a simple one-hand shuffle to an eight packet flourish display along with never before seen tricks so visual, you won’t believe it’s all done with a normal deck. Theres also 100 unique sleights that can be adapted and finessed to your own repertoire. Anyone looking to elevate their card magic should check this out!

The Trilogy is available on Magic Boutique very shortly, so stay tuned!



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