Friday marks the end of the week and really, time just zips by so fast! Weve been so busy with rehearsals and meetings and shows, I sometimes wish I can clone myself! The thing is, most people probably think its ultra cool being an illusionist. Theres this sweet romanticized perception of the magician, and its good that muggles think that way (David Copperfield still makes many women swoon), but its SERIOUSLY hard work to reach perfection!!!

Heres a teeny weeny little glimpse on what Magic Babe Ning goes through, which is also the reason why I wear tight leather pants for shows, and Ive recently stopped wearing short skirts out *pout* Note These are just my legs. I still have scrapes and bruises on other parts of my anatomy!!! So, yeah, I think its going to be awhile before I dare hit the beach again!

LOL Dad joked that I look like Ive been ABUSED by my boss! *amused guffaw* I dont blame him, it does looks pretty bad. If people see me right now theyd probably assume Ive got an abusive boyfriend with anger management issues. Hilarious really, because its just a job hazard and every occupation has its cons *grin* Mr. Boss (aka J C Sum) was nice enough to pass me his old elbow guard to use as a shin guard, because I kept hurting my left leg and Id be limping home after work (yes, not a very glamorous sight!). The elbow guard was actually a perfect fit for my leg! Heh. Im that skinny!!!

Gordon was really lame yesterday as we were in the Starbucks queue waiting to make Shades order. He scooted up to me, grinned widely with his Cheshire Cat face before jabbing his big finger spot on this nasty fresh bruise I had on my left arm (roughly as big as an American half dollar) and asked, very sweetly Does that HURT?

$#@#@%%!#*(&*!!! SIGH.

Corny idiocy aside, friends like him I got to know in Magic are the sweet ones who still keep me grounded. I dont know why, but some people in the industry can be very unkind and unreasonably petty. I hate politics, and neither am I power-hungry, but there are some who are that and also, jealous of competition and dont hesitate to play dirty.

As some of you who visit Singapore Magic Circle may already know, J C was a recent victim of identity fraud. Someone was masquerading as him and posting stupid, mean comments in lousy English in his name and even giving his URL. It first happened to a good friend, David Lai, whos of the Malaysias best up-and-coming magicians but its a good thing that misunderstandings cleared up and he knows J C is not such a spiteful brat to say such uncalled for comments.

I really respect J C as a mentor and a true professional who has achieve so much through his hard work, helping break so many glass ceilings (because of him other magicians can now have their TV specials because Singaporeans are now more open to it), so I feel very sorry for him.

The culprit who is guilty must have been bitter or jealous enough to do this to him. More likely than not, itd be a fulltime professional who was envious of J Cs track records and the projects we have got and would be doing, like J Cs mega illusion with SPH this August for instance.

Anyways. By some very weird incidence, a very interesting comment link (posted on the same day David Lai got his) surfaced:


Well. There can be a lot of theories. For most who see it for themselves, more likely than not, Occams Razor principle applies. That basically means, all things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the truth or the best one.

Whatever it is, I feel really disappointed with the human race. I dont think J C did anything to anyone to deserve such maliciousness. But then, sometimes being nice to people just isnt enough.

This is sad but true. There used to be a particular young moderator of SMC who would borrow props from me sometimes and Id never asked him for anything, no money, no returned favors, ever. Those who know me personally would know that just isnt my style. I very recently found out from reliable sources that this particular friend has been a sneaky double headed snake who has been bad-mouthing me and TLMS (The Little Magic Shop, pre-Magic Boutique) on how its unfair that TLMS had more exposure on SMC than other online shop retailers and all.

He forgot that TLMS was also CONSTANTLY sponsoring prizes and lucky draws and chalet rental and food for SMC events. He just listened to other retailers whining about injustice when he didnt stop to think about what THEY have contributed to the place to begin with!!! Its miserable really. Im very saddened but I really dont want to mention names.

But, for his own good, I truly hope he grows up soon and matures before he turns into a spineless magician who is incapable of being thoughtful about other people, other than himself. He actually lied to organizations for work, staking claims that hes the Vice-President of Singapore Magic Circle! How dishonest and insecure can one get?!

Even back when we were dating, Aloy was always very humble and never ever referred to himself as President even though he created SMC. Ah. The stupid ego of men. Really Why cant these fellas play nice? Dont they realize the mean things they do will eventually catch up with them??? Very, very disappointing.

Sorry, these things just get to me. But then again, it does takes all kinds to make the world. This makes me remember to value my true friends greater and remember that I have so much more going for me, and to keep believing in the greater good. Karma paybacks can be a real b*tch LOL!



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