Chilling out with Shade & Gordon!

Thursday was another BUSY day at work for us at Concept:Magic, with external meetings and creative pitches (hey, were not your typical bunch of magicians!) for our clients customized illusions with specialized scripting, to effectively help them sell their (usually, high end) products and services, at their various tradeshows and events.

So! It was really SWEET when I got a SMS from 2 of my closest buddies, Shade and Gordon (both also forum moderators of Singapore Magic Circle) who mentioned that they would be near my office after work, and if I wanted to hang out with them.


My social life is so non-existent since I got caught up with Magic Boutique and Concept:Magic duties LOL. I havent seen the guys in such a long time, I jumped at the chance immediately. Shade was a sweetheart in remembering my love for Japanese food so he actually got us a table at Kuriya at Shaw Centre, Lido.

Gordons not so much of a sushi fan but he was a nice guy to go along anyway, but he joked that he might get prata for supper later! LOL

Its my first time at Kuriya and I love it already! Shades a regular so he knew what was great, he ordered so many scrumptious delights! I was in heaven

The flying fish was awesome I havent had it for a long time, since I brought Aloysius (back then, when we were still a couple) to Akashi 2 years ago. He didnt like it, so I guess you must be a real sashimi lover to enjoy it its simply delish!!! After you eat the sweet sashimi, theyll take back the bones and deep fry the fish to mega crunchiness and its like chomping down on a very yummy biscuit.

Anyways, thats Gordon enthusiastically gesturing at the flying fish they just set down on our table. The photo really doesnt give the dish justice!

For the sake of poor (anti-sushi) Gordon, we had grilled Rock Fish as well. Not Pop Fish, Jazz Fish or R&B Fish, but Rock (and can almost Roll) Fish.

Gordons really cute he thought that the Rock Fish was the same kind of edible amphibian as the poisonous Stone Fish, which is one of the most deadly fish in the world! *grin* It was yummy anyways, so thats S&G doing tug of war with chopsticks

We had cows tongue and yummy asparagus wrapped with ham as well, besides the best tuna, yellow tail, cuttlefish and sea urchin sushi Ive ever eaten ($12 per sushi!). Ive never felt so satisfied at dinner (thanks SAHDE!!!) YUM! Just look at our 3 very happy faces!

After dinner, we drove over to Cineleisure where we found a nice caf (not quite sure what the name is, but it a very similar logo as our current SMC one, which looks like the Motorola one hahaha) and enjoyed some drinks and cakes. Everything looked good on the menu so it took us awhile to decide on our orders! *grin*

The 3 of us then had an informal SMC moderators meeting, discussing on certain points of the upcoming magic competition were organizing. Just in case you arent aware, Legerdemain: A Contest of Magic also marks SMCs 3rd anniversary and will be held this 22 September 07 at a classy auditorium its going to be a GRAND event! For more info on the contest (how to participate or buy tickets), check out

It was around midnight when we finally left, but not before popping by Starbucks to grab a drink of Shades wife whos one of the sassiest babes I know really have you seen a primary school teacher with 3 tattoos, a nose stud and parties till late at Zouk and Caf Del Mar? Thats her. Shes also the quirky gal who has a million shoes and needs coffee at night (to help her sleep?)! *grin*

Its been quite a day! Oh yes, hearty congrats to Mr. Ronald Cheng of Brunei for winning this first weeks 21 Days of Magic Bliss lucky draw! Thats a cool S$300 worth of magic products well be sending over to you, I cant wait to upload his photo *grin* Theres still 3 more draws (2 more weekly ones and the grand draw), so dont miss those on Magic Boutique!


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