Beautiful sunrises aside, it still is quite a pain for a night owl like me to wake up really early in the morning *whine* Im just one of those who totally abuses the snooze button on the alarm clock I cant help it!

Call time for todays all important Nike gig was 8.30am at Swissotel Merchant Court. The hotels ballroom was very nicely Nike-fied by Aux, our event partner who hired us (Concept:Magic) to do a customized illusion show for Nike.

Aux is an extremely efficient company and its really fantastic working with professionals who know what they want and know the best way to do things. J C and I met up with them last week and through some brainstorming, came up with a whole series of high-impact and visually strong illusions for Nikes trade show for their Summer 2008 series of sportswear and apparel.

Besides our one-of-the-kind UV Magic opener (illusions done with black light), J C and I magically appeared Nikes country manager (a very sporting man!) from an empty special delivery box with Nike stickers and all on it. Magic Babe Ning (my stage alter-ego) did a catwalk with a super hunky male model too!

Basically, J C showed an empty box to the audience and proceeded to place some Nike Womens fashion apparel inside, along with a deflated soccer ball, before shutting the lid. With a magical action and a dazzling flash of brilliant lights and punchy music, the closed box exploded and I appeared, decked in the same clothes and carrying an inflated Nike soccer ball!

After doing a solo catwalk, I tossed the ball to the male model (did I tell you again, how hunky he was?!), who joined me on stage before I went off to prep for the next big illusion its our finale piece really, which is now one of my all-time favorite effects.

Called Light and Space, it sees me go inside this dark space which is then impaled by two long strobbing LED light sticks and its revealed that I somehow disappear is it quantum psychics? No. Its just good magic *grin*

J C brings me back somehow of course, so I leap off the illusion, all in one piece. For todays fashion catwalk theme, the event ended with us doing this particular illusion J C and I posed at the front of the catwalk, flanked by all the Nike models on our sides.

It makes me so happy everytime I hear applause and see people enjoying themselves to me, it seemed that todays audience (specially invited trade partners of Nike) cheered the hardest when I magically appeared from our Blammo box in Nike gear with the full-sized soccer ball AND this afternoons Light & Space closing illusion! I guess nothing beats having a magical reappearance of sorts heh.

A quick lunch outside and the Concept:Magic team headed back to the studio for more back-to-back rehearsals for our upcoming 5 July mega show. Why are we working so darn hard? Thats because were professionals doing our best to perfect a 45min fully customized illusion show with a whole skew of grand illusions!

Well be performing our Full Throttle full-sized motorcycle appearance, Light & Space, Shadow Encounter, JAM, Modern Art (I love this particular illusion how many times does your Boss actually allow you to slice him in half?), Deathbed of Spikes, Crystal Pyramid, an amazing 12 girl appearance, a car vanish, an extremely beautiful levitation and more! Pretty over-whelming, huh? *grin*

Our magic studio is a complete mess right now, because weve setup some of the illusions to work with. It looks like someone ransacked our office but couldnt find anything but magic props to steal *LOL* Anyways! I took some photos so I could share with you the big toys I get to opportunity play with every day *grin*

Accordingly to Uncle Bob (my god father and my first mentor in magic, besides being one of Magic Boutiques resident magic advisors), this is the same Crystal Pyramid which female illusionist, Princess Tenko, used in one of her earlier stage shows. All four sides of the pyramid are made of mirrors (a real beaut!) and opened to show its empty. Will and Shawn then close it up and PRESTO! J C magically appears inside it materializing within seconds!

And because we work so hard, coming back on weekends and staying till late, we sometimes find it necessary to bring things such as overnight camping bags and toiletries, which are really useful if you want to spend the night over at the studio.

In these instances, mirrored surfaced props come in extremely handy, because you dont have to leave the comfy confines of the office. Just brush you teeth in front of the Crystal Pyramid, like Will does. It works just like magic!

The Deathbed of Spikes is perhaps Concept:Magics most famous grand illusion, having had photo coverage and mentions over press like TODAY and Digital Life (The Straits Times). IMHO, it totally drips of testosterone with all its menacing spikes and all. But I guess these are things that reporters love that seductive element of danger!

Ive been training hard with my sais (traditional Japanese weapons) to do an original dance of death to open for this particular illusion, which J C will do to close the show on the 5th of July.

David Copperfield actually has a version of this. The effect, if youre not familiar with, has the Illusionist chained up inside the trap, and the audience can see him trying to free himself from the handcuffs attached to the top of the spikes. He has to get out of his confines in 60 seconds before the sharp and heavy spikes would fall on him, and that would mean a very painful death! Theres a kicker at the end however, but I will not spoil it for you!

But if youre a masochist like Iron Will (if you meet him, do ask to see his totally ungimmicked giant nail up nose routine its the real deal and its SICK, real SICK) youd sometimes find the urge to test the sharpness of the spikes. DOH!!!

Ok, its off to bed J C and I have to go for an important meeting tomorrow, for an all new EXCITING magic project. More on that at a later date *grin*


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