iMBX 2007 Opening Ceremony @ Singapore Expo

Another early day!!! The Concept:Magic team reached the venue before 8am and Bang (our show crew member) was sweet enough to grab me a can of RedBull (the tall blue/ silver one the formula that comes in the golden can is so totally gross!) on his way to meet us. He can be very blur, but hes a cute little brother to me. Drinking that as breakfast, helped perk me up instantly!

Wed done rehearsals with the girls plenty of times, blocked through things, confirmed the light and audio design, etc. the day before, so were all good to go!

In fact Everything went well, without a hitch and the invited guests were just amazed at how grand the OC was. Yes, magic always helps! *grin*

The girls did a fantastic job and had EVERYBODY gawking when they vanished from their individual pedestals, which were amongst the audience, before magically appearing back on the main stage a far distance away! It was just amazing because the crowd seemed to sleepy and quiet during the last segments of speeches and corporate videos, till it was our turn. They were extremely hearty in their response to us!

So, it was another job well done for the Concept:Magic team and another satisifed client & event partner! *grin* There were reporters and TV crew in the hall, so I guess itd be up on the news later.

Weve got another early day tomorrow (big show for Nikes Summer 2008 trade show/ apparel launch) so the team headed back after lunch and did rehearsals for the new customized illusion show till the end of the day. I probably slept at 2am, after I finished up some emails and enquiries for Magic Boutique. What a day!!! 🙂

A very tired but happy Miss Ning


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