iMBX Full Day Rehearsal @ Singapore Expo

Just in case you didnt know, Miss Ning (aka Magic Babe Ning, i.e. Yours Truly) is like, SO totally not a morning person *yawn* One thing I love about working at Concept:Magic, is that we only start at 11am and work till late. Im most productive in the afternoon/ evening, and it doesnt help that I cant take coffee (but theres still that mega-addictive, yummy Caramel Hot Chocolate from Starbucks!) so I need my body clock to jump start automatically. Gradually. Whatever.

The Concept:Magic team reached Singapore Expo at 8am today (dont we ALL hate Mondays!) I had to wake up at 6.30am to get ready, and actually saw the dawn. I guess sometimes in life, you just rush through the motions, and dont actually take time to appreciate the things you around you, like the sunrise *grin* It was really beautiful!

Anyways! Seeing the iMBX logos all over Singapore Expo as I made my way there made me practically raring to go once I stepped into the hall for our iMBX 2007 Opening Ceremony set up.

Basically, JC and I came up with this unique illusion that showcases the convergence of technology 4 girls dressed differently to represent the various sectors (e.g. business, CG, etc.) leave the main stage and walk to their individual pedestals amongst the audience.

The VIPs are invited up to stage and they officiate the opening of the event by pushing a button. The girls, having gone into their own pedestals, magically disappear the all around curtains are dropped immediately to reveal so. Just as they all vanish, a bright line of pyro races from the tops of each pedestal, converging on the top of the central platform, and the same 4 girls magically appear.

It is fast, impactful and a very powerful end to all the videos and speeches one would expect at any opening ceremony *grin* The talents hired for the show were cute, one of them (a very beautiful girl) even said I looked A LOT like her Secondary school teacher who was also in her early 20s. Heh, maybe Ive got a long lost twin!

The rehearsals took some time, as I had to make sure each girl knew her specific role and some were quite lost as they werent familiar with stage work. But they were hardworking and easy going, no princess attitudes at all so that really helped to speed things along! *grin* By the time we wrapped up, the girls were so slick, they almost looked like seasoned professionals!

I cant wait for the actual show tomorrow I heard that the TV news stations will be covering the event!!! A day in the life of Magic Babe Ning!


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