Childrens Cancer Foundation is one of the charity organizations that I really identify with and Ive been lending my utmost support for. Theyve contacted me yet again, for Singapore Magic Circle to be a part of their event. To find out more about CCF, or how you can be a volunteer, please see

SMC will yet again be their official magic partner, and itd be pretty cool with our logo up on their website and publicity materials. I had great fun last year and the hearty bunch of 20 or so volunteers from SMC enjoyed themselves too!

I did a short stage show, with was pretty challenging because of logistics, but it was a fantastic feeling because of the energy of the crowd. CCF made a request at the last minute if it was possible for me to have one of their beneficiaries join me up on stage when I did my magic, so I did *grin* A little spontaneity never hurt!

So thats me with Camila, whos recovering from childhood cancer. Camilas the sweetest little angel Ive come across, with absolutely no airs about her and shes just so huggable!!! I spent some time talking to her, getting to know her before the stage show, because I didnt want Camila to have stage fright. Its important to me that she enjoyed herself too. So I did an effect where a rubberband melts visually through the other (magicians call this classic effect, Crazy Mans Handcuffs) and with a little tug, its shape changes from a circle to a star.

I gave that to her to wear on her small wrist, telling her that she was also a STAR in her own right. Truly, her smile (and those eyes!!!) would have melted the coldest hearts!!!

My performance on stage had to be cut short due to the lack of time, so I did my best customized piece for them. Holding up a bear balloon sculpture, I burst it with a needle, signifying the hurt from childhood cancer. It went into a dove pan which was set aflame and closed. With a wave of the magic wand and the opening of the lid, a childs teddy bear popped out in place.

Typically, dove pans are used to conjure up candy but I felt a teddy bear would have been sweet. I was right. The audience went wild and people all seemed to love the symbolism *grin* Camila came up, I gave her the teddy bear and introduced her to the crowd and proceeded to do a snowstorm for her, since she said shed always wanted to see snow.

It was a long day, but an eventful one and the SMC team and I went out to do some magic jamming over dinner, after that. Old memories. Good memories.

Well, I cant wait for the next one!!!


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