Magic Boutique in the works

Ive been really busy with Concept:Magic duties and its been some time since I talked about Magic Boutique *grin* A new placeholder has been set temporarily and emailers to previous customers of The Little Magic Shop (TLMS) have been sent out to inform them that my new spanking online store will be open officially this 15th!

Bigger, better but still giving magicians the best deals in town, the first 100 customers to sign up for a free account will receive a $5 voucher (no strings attached!) to use at Magic Boutique and there will also be special prizes and promotions, so dont miss out!

Ill be making a post about it on Singapore Magic Circle and the MMF forums tomorrow ? Its a long day tomorrow weve got all our huge illusions out laid on the studio floor for intense rehearsals. Were prepping for another big full-scale illusion show coming up, which we were approached for. Photos to come up shortly!

But meanwhile, heres a very quirky one of me and Will taking a much needed break at work. Decked to look like the ultimate boyfriend from hell, Wills actually wearing Shawns Elvis the Pelvis impersonation costume complete with the shades and bad wig (Honestly, I always felt it looked like a dead skunk) but he just manages to transform the garb into full Mat Salleh attire though he calls it the Mat Sallah look. Does he look like a nasty gangster or what?!?!

This picture is so totally a keeper, I should stash it in my purse and show it to silence the offending aunties or people who always like to ask me that irritating So, do you have a Boyfriend? question!

I hear you laughing


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