J C Sum: The Impossible Teleportation

Today was an eventful day *big grin* It was filled with meetings, meetings and more meetings but it was worth it because were all set! YES!!! Our Mega Illusion (J C Sum: The Impossible Teleportation) with media giant, Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), is set to happen this 18 Aug! Well be setting SINGAPORE on the MAGIC MAP!

Heh, this is what weve been filming the trailer for *grin* This never-been-done-before magic special has J C teleports within 5 seconds from the ground floor to the roof of a skyscraper in the Central Business District (CBD) LIVE before thousands of people!

SPH has made us their official partner in their upcoming ST Part of My Life event, which is their biggest occasion ever! 5,000 over people are expected to turn up and J Cs mega illusion will be the finale. Visit our regularly updated www.conceptmagic.biz website for full details *grin*

This is going to be the COOLEST thing to happen in the history of the ASEAN magic world thus far youre the FIRST to know!

Ta for now, more later


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