Filming for SPH Media Box Office Magic Trailer @ CBD

Will (ASEANs only professional escape artist & my teammate from Concept:Magic), J C and I met Harry at the CBD area early this morning for a film shoot.

As some of you already know, J Cs magic can be seen on ALL of SPHMBOs screens islandwide as our Magic in Motion series will be played for the entire year. So todays shoot is a teaser ad of sorts for something HUGE thats about to happen close to home heh heh Ill tell you more about that, another time.

If you didnt know, Harrys a long time friend of mine whos an award winning filmmaker (check out his latest documentary PLUNGE, which was screened in Athens!). I wrote an article for LaSalles art-E website on young, struggling filmmakers and Harry was featured in it. You can check it out at it even has a cute photo of this heartbreaker!

Anyways! Harry is the same talented friend who helped film & edit my Full Throttle motorcycle appearance video.

What, you say? Well, check it out NOW on Youtube:

Its a funky 2 min clip of J C and I appearing a full-sized Yamaha sports bike in an undisclosed location in Singapore. *grin* This ubercool underground video was shot over a month ago and its received about 1,500 hits thus far, and still climbing!

Anyways, I did the producing and art direction for this new project again, and we managed to wrap up filming at the CBD before it rained. The gods must love me because it only started to drizzle after we were done with the shoot what a relief!

A quick lunch at The Soup Spoon (yum!) and it was back to work! It still tickles me how J C gets stopped by people all the time and theyd gawk and point their finger at him and say You are, J C Sum, THE magician right? LOL!

It was probably late afternoon when we finally reach the studio but there was no break really, I just got the most amazing pair of Japanese Sais ever you know, those beautiful deadly weapons so a few hours was spent (very happily) playing around with them. They make the most awesome sound when I twirl them! Miss Ning has new toys!!! *happy dance*

The guys at work say Im the strangest gal they know, but they smile while they say that so well. Whatever that means!

I intend to use my Sais as an opening for one of J Cs acts (the Deathbed of Spikes!) for a major show were booked for in early July for a group of 2,000 Japanese coming down for a dinner event and is organized by an US events company. Its going to be at Suntec Convention Hall and is going to be the BIGGEST illusion show ever for a corporate event. More on that later *wink*


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