Goodbye Shanghai, Hello Singapore!

Yawn J C and I touched down at Changi Airport around 5am, while Teh decided to stay in Shanghai for another 2 days. I slept through most of the flight home on SQ but didnt feel exactly rested because there was slight turbulence and the stranger on my right kept snoring loudly. Heh.

We spent our last day in Shanghai checking out the place. It was really helpful of Colin to pass me this useful compilation of places to go/ things to check out! J C & I headed to Yu Yuan (Jade Garden) and its simply amazing. The place is huge with many shops and restaurants and I saw some funky nanchukus for sale as well no way Id be able to sneak that back *grin*

There was a famous Xiao Long Bao place in the vicinity so we tried to find it and it was easily located because of the crazy queue of people waiting in line to place their orders! Business at the shop was GREAT!

At one long of buns (thats 12 juicy, scrumptious bits) selling for a mere TWO BUCKS, no wonder everyone wanted a tray of that mouth watering treat! The half hour wait was worth it because they were really yummy and surprisingly filling! The buns were freshly made and steaming hot when served. It was a very decent brunch for the 2 of us starving tourists LOL!

The rest of the day was spent shopping (because Magic is my career, Id say Shopping is my hobby) and I picked up a few munchies and things. J C went crazy at the toy section, pawing over the latest Transformers, much to my amusement its another side of the Boss, I dont usually see *grin* So much for J C Sum, Mr. Tough Guy!

I honestly still cant believe how INCREDIBLY cheap the food is in Shanghai. We were at this pizza buffet place in Nanjing Road, which charged less than S$10 each per pax and the spread was more than decent! They also served grilled turkey hearts too, like Brazil (one of my FAVE restaurants) in Singapore

But I guess, its not everybodys cuppa tea LOL!

Anyways! There was a small hiccup on our flight back to SG. Unfortunately, 3 out of 5 of our luggage were quite badly damaged, one being my 3-Inch Hole Illusion (my poor baby!)! And my luggage case was totally destroyed it has a VERY nasty crack on the main side that extended down to the edges (someones pet elephant must have had went loose) and J Cs bag was missing a wheel.

I guess I must have reached home a little past 6am, and managed to have a bit of conversation with Mom (I love to call her MM Lee no, not Minister Mentor Lee, who also shares her her surname, but Magicians Mother Lee *grin*) before I dumped my bags and crashed. It was a split second after my head hit my pillow that I realized how much I missed my bed

It was only 2pm in the afternoon when I finally rose from the land of the sleeping, and had to start working on the online orders I need to set a reminder, weve got a Concept:Magic film shoot to do this coming Tuesday!!!

LOL. A day in the life of Magic Babe!


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