Exxon Mobil illusion show, Guangzhou (China)

Wow, what a night! *grin*

This evenings illusion show at the grand Shangri-La hotel in Guangzhou went very well, and its extremely heartening to see the clients VIPs satisfied and wanting more! J C and I couldnt have been happier. Our events partners, an extremely professional company from HK, were also extremely efficient and there wasnt any issue about language breakdowns or miscommunication.

J C and I created a special customized show for our Concept:Magic client, Exxon Mobil (they really love J C Sum) and it was presented bilingually in Mandarin and English, since their invited customers (bigwigs and important people) were a mix of Asians and Caucasians. This was a very grand event and we were THE highlight of the evening! *grin*

Tonights show had a bit more things to be wary about, because beside us performing on stage, J C and I had to toggle with our wireless sound system between ourselves as we couldnt bring any of our guys along as a show crew. Still, everything in Guangzhou was an amazing, fantastic experience.

We had a very decent hotel arranged for us, but the lobby ceilings were surprisingly low LOL. It kinda reminded me of the quirky 7-and-a-half floors in the movie Being John Malkovich *grin* Its one of my favorite films. I just had to take a photo of this J C simply looks like a towering giant, the way he just effortlessly reaches up to touch the ceiling!!! Its quite amusing really. Yes, J C can be sporting when he want to. I dont know why people always think hes serious and moody most of the time!

Anyways, well be flying up to Shanghai tomorrow afternoon to meet fellow magicians and professional performers form the Shanghai Opera Troupe. J Cs friend, Mr. Teh Ah Hock, is a magic collector and historian on TCM (that stands for Traditional Chinese Magic, not medicine!!!) and hed be hooking us up to Master Zhou, who heads the troupe and is Shanghais top magician!

I cant wait to arrive in Shanghai! Its such a beautiful, cosmopolitan city *grin*
Off to bed now


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  1. SR

    Dear Ning,

    Im very keen and interested to learn abt magic and want to know where to buy such items. Could you please tell me where I can buy in either Guangzhou or HK? Thanks you.

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