Flying of to Guangzhou tomorrow!

Phew! Its been quite a hectic week at work with all that crazy creative brainstorming, event producer/ direct client meetings and project pitches to do Good news is, its been confirmed that Concept:Magic would be doing the grand opening ceremony for this years BIGGEST tech show at Singapore Expo this year! J Cs very happy with me for coming up with the novel idea that sold it, since the given theme was a klunky Convergence of Technology *grin* Thats me Concept:Magics PR/ Marketing guru at work!

Organised by Singapore Exhibition Services, this huge event spans about a week and is attended by THOUSANDS! Mr. Lee Boon Yang, Minister of Information, Communcation and the Arts will be the Guest of Honor for iMBX (Infocomm Media Business Exchange 2007). J C will be helming the illusion proper for the opening ceremony and since its a really large scale production, I cant wait!!!

They just got their website up at

Alright sleep beckons J C and I will be flying to China early tomorrow morning to get ready for our customized illusion show for Exxon Mobil on Wednesday at Shangri-La, Guangzhou!

Thank goodness we managed to get seats on SIA! I heard Chinas really changed quite drastically over the last few years, with many advances . I cant wait to check it out because wed be heading over to Shanghai later too Yeah honey, Magic Babe needs a new pair of shoes (and then some!) its shopping time!!! *grin*


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