Magic Boutique is The Little Magic Shop all grown up!

The Little Magic Shop (affectionately known by many as TLMS) will close next month. This decision was not an easy one to make, it is my baby but Ive had a good run with it so it is time to move on after these 3 years. In its place, the Magic Boutique is born!

Ive been very busy making plans for it, while balancing my Marketing & PR Manager duties at Concept:Magic (as most of you know, headed by illusionist/ TV magician, J C Sum) as well as, my crazy performance schedules. But Im glad Im finally able to make Magic Boutique a reality.

Magic Boutique will be a new and MUCH improved TLMS, with a much user-friendly interface and will ooze more personality *grin* Im also in talks with 4 very important people, to be magic advisors to Magic Boutique. I dont want Magic Boutique to be just another magic shop this one is so much more, because it will also be a helpful resource for those interested in magic and are already performers.

Afterall, Magic Boutique is by a magician (or magicienne, if youd like) for magicians. Those who know me personally understand my strong stand against piracy. This wont change. I will only carry quality products that are original but will still offer the best prices around.

Stay tune for more updates!


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