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Celebrating 5 years: ‘Magic Babe’ Ning & J C Sum’s limited edition Pentad Deck!

2 years in the making, our exclusive “Pentad Deck” is now here! These cards are on a limited edition run & will not be reprinted once they’re sold out. International magic supplier, Murphys Magic, carries them so you can easily order your “Pentad Deck” from your favorite magic shop!

Alternatively, you may also purchase your cards directly from us at Magic Boutique; we do autographs upon requests :) Click on the link for more details!

These Gemaco® casino quality poker-sized cards are printed in the U.S.A. on fine European paper stock and features regular faces. Each “Pentad Deck” also includes an extra blank-face card. The deck is encased in an all-silver tuck case with a clear front window that shows off the full color playing card back design.

Special kudos to our Japan-based manga artist Eldred, photographer Bernard Sim & graphic designer Matt for their input too! :)

J C & I are super thrilled that our limited edition “Pentad Decks” are simply flying off the shelves and according to Murphys Magic, more than a hundred sets of our “Pentad Decks” were sold just overnight. Woot!!!

As you may have read, “Pentad” is the classical Greek Pythagorean term used for the quantity of five and also refers to a period of five years. So our “Pentad Deck” basically commemorates our half-decade of J C & yours truly’s magical partnership. However, there’s more to it…

I personally love the deeper meaning of “Pentad” and when time allows, do read this interesting essay, which gives a brief insight on Pythagoras and the mystery of numbers. The “Pentad” is a powerful symbol with a rich history. It was used by mysterious Greek cults of old, as well as, the earlier Christians to represent the 5 sacred wounds of Jesus Christ (his hands, feet and side).

Righty, I should stop all this geeky babble… but history and mythology simply fascinates! Anyway, thank you so much for your support all these years. More to come because…….

Tomorrow we will officially announce our 9th mega illusion! Stay tuned to this blog & http://www.facebook.com/jcsum.magicbabening

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My favorite Magic Wand, ever!!!

As some of you may know, a quirky hobby of mine is collecting magic wands. Like the old-school top hat, distinguished wands represent a legacy of magic. My humble collection consists of wooden wands, plastic wands, Harry Potter wands… and even stylized wands that could “magically” blast light out from it’s tip, that I created and soldiered myself!

All that said, some wands don’t last. I’ve bought locally crafted wooden wands that start to warp and bend after some time, because the makers didn’t treat the wood properly… plus the high humidity and heat here in sunny Singapore really doesn’t help.

That’s why I was particularly impressed with the supremely well-made magic wands Michael Myatt of USA personally handcrafts. For his popular 2-part wands, Michael usually works with high-quality wood and metal but the special wand he made for me is a wildly gorgeous hot pink acrylic with beautiful white swirls, complete with elegant black tips.

It was love at first sight :) I really love my exotic looking wand… Thank you Michael!

Magicians and wand collectors really ought to check out his website, Moonlight Magic Productions. Michael and his team of other talented artisans also make matching coin boxes and other interesting accessories. IMHO, the pictures don’t do the actual products justice. IT’s obvious to me that the folks at Moonlight Magic are a passionate bunch who do their work with pride.

I recently used my brand new wand as a magic prop in the recent cover photoshoot for Guardian magazine (due out in Jan 2012) and even the photographer & stylist were commenting on how stylish it looked! They fitted me into a gorgeous pink dress from a UK designer, and here’s me playing Tinkerbell. Hee hee.

I’ll blog more about the magazine cover photo shoot in a bit… It hits all Guardian outlets nationwide in Jan 2012, and there’s apparently going to be a lifesize cut-out of me too! Now if I can only make my “clones” multi-task so I can chillax! Haha… Click here for pictures J C took while at the cover photo shoot.

Ta for now, more later!

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Red Dot Magic exclusives…

Just out, J C & yours truly’s exclusive video interviews with local magic news portal Red Dot Magic!

We took some time to shoot this the weekend before, and the savvy magic news reporters did ask us some very clever questions. Great job as always, RDM… Mucho kudos to y’all :)

I sincerely hope this 2-part interview will be of help to young magicians who (specifically) want to become a commercial success.

Check it out here (Part 1) and here (Part 2), or click on the embedded videos below and crank up your speakers ;)

This is simply us candidly sharing what J C & myself hold passionately dear to our hearts, and being completely honest about what worked for us.

We’ve never been concerned about being in some kind of popularity contest where magicians like us because we say nice things that stroke their ego. No.

While we may be unpopular because we believe in being completely professional and sincere, I think it’s vastly more important that we share what’s right so we can help others to improve – and at times the truth hurt. More so if one doesn’t have an open mind.

However it’s ok, it’s really personal opinions at the end of the day. I just really wish to see the magic community flourish and blossom, because there is great potential.

It’s just a bit of a waste when young magicians choose to perform safe and seen-plenty-of-times-before “same ole, same ole” when they can be so much better.

Anyways, J C & I have been doing workshops periodically here in Singapore for the magic community. We do not do it for money. We do it because we care about helping raise the bar of magic here.

Next year we’ll be in Penang, Malaysia and we’re looking forward to share our knowledge with the magicians across the Causeway. Do come by if you’d be in the area ;) It’d be FUN!

For full details, visit: www.jcsum.com/penang See you then! :)

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