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The Magic Pilgrim is back…

HELLO WORLD!!!!! Namaste! Bonjour! Kuzu zangpo! Aloha! Assalamou Alykoum! Ciao! Tsonga! 

These are just a handful of greetings I’d learnt during my 9 non-stop months of constant traveling for a book project with the BFF; we certainly had many adventures together – some funny, others nerve-wrecking, but what doesn’t kill you certainly makes you stronger (like learning never to store your trusty laptop with all your written drafts in your check-in luggage in Madagascar).

Pam & I really both missed our loved ones in Singapore, it’s not easy when people you care about are miles away, so I’m truly glad to be finally back HOME because truly, there’s just no other place quite like it :)

Reflectively, I know I’ve certainly changed a lot during the time away from home. It’s been an insightful inner journey for me too, not just a physical one. The girl whose blog you’re reading, is no longer the same person who left 9 months ago. I am grateful for the many “teachers” I’ve met along the way, who have so generously taught me in their own ways, how to open my heart and live… not just to merely exist.

Our book chronicals the adventures of two BFFs (Best Friends Forever) comes out next year just before Christmas, so do look out for it :) International literary giant, Marshall Cavendish International (Asia), is our publisher.

Honestly, I’m really excited because ever since I was a child, I’d dreamt of being a writer… much like one of my favorite women authors Anais Nin, who cleverly stated that “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection.”

So like everything else that I’m passionate about in my life, this Libra girl is going to make sure she does her very best and balances everything on her plate well. And geez, is it one big heavy plate!

Coming back to my 2nd home, the Concept:Magic studio, was comforting despite already knowing what’s in store for me for the next quarter and a half :) I’d just touched down yesterday in Changi International Airport, and this morning already saw me engaging in intensive rehearsals for…

*brace yourselves*

…Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde!!!!

Yes, my stage partner J C Sum & I with our team will be flying to Paris next week for the TV taping of the popular French magic gala show, which broadcasts in all French speaking countries and then some. Our episode screens on New Year’s Eve, and those with cable in Singapore can also tune in to watch it on TV5 Monde!

It certainly is a great honor, and I’m deeply grateful and humbled to be one half of the performing team that can make Singapore proud since this is the first time the producers of this long-running hit magic television show has arranged for Singaporean local talent over! Truly, I hope our country will have the opportunity to have more homegrown magic stars over in the near future… We’re really much more than just a little red dot ;)

Anyway, do stay tuned to our blogs, ‘cos J C & I have more super exciting news to share with all of y’all very soon. There’s some truly cool magic projects we have that once again, we really hope to infuse more positive power to our local performing community and empower more up-and-coming magicians/ enthusiasts.

Ta for now, more later!

Back and so ready to rock, roll, teleport and then some…


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Something’s cooking!!!

Something fun and exciting is coming up shortly so do stay tuned for da news that will be officially released next week ;)

For the past few years, corporate shows here and overseas aside, J C & yours truly have been doing several high-profile illusion shows like ticketed stints at Clarke Quay, St James, and more… besides, public shows for the Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore Press Holdings, Mediacorp, etc.

This May, the core Concept:Magic team has cooked up something wickedly different and will be dishing it out in a couple of weeks… People following us would be aware of our recent “Own the Stage” project, which saw talented 12 year old Singaporean magician, Dean Wong, win the much coveted spot :)

Now as you’ve correctly guessed, that’s connected to our new upcoming project – and you’ll find out everything about it VERY soon but till then, here’s a couple of our fave random videos… Hahaha… Enjoy!

J C’s 2007 skyscraper teleportation – up 50 floors in 5 seconds!

My 2008 mega escape in Clarke Quay, supported by the Singapore Tourism Board – 90 seconds to cheat death, baby!

Our 2008 mega illusion for STB’s inaugural Singapore River Festival, which saw us teleport 3 spectators across the Singapore River in 2.5 seconds!

Inversion: Extreme Escape… My upside-down Houdini straitjacket escape stunt which saw me hanging from my ankles without any safety devices whatsoever, with a bed of deadly spikes waiting for me if I should fall!

Our SUCCESSFUL world record for the most number of illusions performed in 5 minutes, the closing act for STB’s Singapore River Festival last year. Officials from the Singapore Book of Records & International Brotherhood of Magicians were there to audit the entire process.

The Straits Times reported  that a whopping 16,000 people witnessed our visual cross-island car teleportation mega illusion, Destination X.

Our Merlin Awards event last October, which saw Tony Hassini (President of the International Magicians Society) personally fly down from New York to hand us our individual awards. Past recipients include David Copperfield and Criss Angel. J C & I are the first Singapore illusionists to be awarded this coveted award, which is like the Oscars of Magic :)

During that night of our Merlin Award presentations, we performed Crystal Metamorphosis (my favorite illusion!) designed by J C, amongst other things. Proud to say, professional illusionists overseas have been inspired and  have recently used it after buying J C’s original material. Read Backstage Business for more about that…

Video trailer for our illusion stint at St James, which we performed at after our first-of-its-kind 13 month contract at The Arena in Clarke Quay wrapped up.

My most recent show trailer… the older videos I’ve chucked so as not to confuse people but my previous ones on YouTube had thousands of views *grin*

Earlier this year J C & I successfully predicted the local lottery results. STB’s asst director audited the entire process and the controversial event was covered by local and regional media!

…And about a month ago, yours truly did a video tutorial on weapon flourishing… this time around, it was on the Japanese Sais. You know, the deadly daggers used by Elektra? Raphael of TMNT? Heh heh heh. There was also shades of my hero Bruce Lee in it, towards the end, check it out ;)

Well, we’ve got much more stuff on our Concept:Magic channel, feel free to toggle and watch – J C’s got plenty of street magic vids, having done Singapore’s first street magic series on TV in 2006, as well as, magic in motion specials for SPHMBO in 2007.

Righty, it’s Friday – so do chillax and enjoy the weekend… Ta for now, more laterrrrrr ;)

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It’s 2010… Happy New Year!

Time certainly flies :) It’s 2010 and I’m confident that it’s going to be an AWESOME year for all of us. I wish you well, the best of health, happiness and merry satisfaction in all that you do.

I’ve been busy of late, and spare time is hard to make, so I haven’t been blogging as much as I’d love to.

These days when I have pockets of time alone at home in the evenings, I find myself playing my violin (Carmen, the acoustic classical one… not Electra, my electric pink violin) and heh, getting to know my new iPhone 3GS better *grin*

My 2009 reflection about work can pretty much be sum-med up here, at J C’s blog. Heh. Bossman has also included videos in his well-written entry, so do check it out. It’s been an amazing year indeed and I have been so very blessed.

Our team has recently included one more person and I’m very happy with the close-knit magic family we have right now. In fact, our New Year’s countdown was down in J C’s roomy MPV, when the five of us were zipping around Singapore because we had four gigs back-to-back!

It was physically tiring, and on hindsight I’m glad we rejected some gigs… because this girl is no super human, though I sure wish I was! However, the exhausting bits were made fun because of my wonderful entourage :) I pampered with excellent company – my producer, my show manager, my assistant and my production manager!

This is a short clip from a fan of one of the illusion bits J C & I performed, at the last show of our crazy run… we were up on stage for a government event at 2:30 in the morning!

It was truly memorable because after I got off stage, a cute DJ came over to me and earnestly asked me face-to-face: “Do you wanna make out with me?”

I was a tad mentally exhausted after running 4 gigs the whole night, so I looked at the tall white boy before me and raised my eyebrow. “What?”

His blue eyes twinkled shyly. “Do you wanna make out with me?”


It’s highly flattering really, to be asked by such earnest young boy… but that’s exactly the problem. He’s a young boy. I don’t know how old he is but the kid certainly looked 14, no older than 16. And as cute as he is, yours truly is no cougar.

“Sorry sweetie,” I patted the side of his smooth, hairless and beautifully youthful face apologetically. “But, you’re too young.”

The young DJ slunked away, dejected, and I felt a twang of amusement coupled with a pretty big dose of guilt for making the boy feel so sad. It was about 3 in the morning of the brandd new year, and he just got his first rejection from a girl. Ouchie.

Anyways, I’m sure he’ll find a nice girl his age real soon ;)

Oh yes… since this IS finally January 2010, please mark your calendars (smart phones or old school diaries, whatever works for you) because our St James gig happens this 26 – 30 Jan!

J C & I will be performing at 8pm every night, so do grab your tickets ASAP from the club itself or online @ www.magicjustgothotter.com

Tickets to our brand new 1-hour contemporary illusion show at The Boiler Room @ St James cost S$40/pax, inclusive of a complimentary drink & free club entry after. There’s discounts for group bookings of 10 tickets and above too, so don’t miss this chance to save 20% off the ticket price!

Spread da word folks!!!

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